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Now AI or Artificial Intelligence can diagnose Glaucoma progression to blindness

How Artificial Intelligence help diagnose Glaucoma progression to blindness?
Technology today has undoubtedly reached at a level beyond imagination. Ever wondered that you can spot the early signs of progression of blindness 18 months earlier? Well, with the use Artificial Intelligence, researchers have devised a quick test that identifies which people with glaucoma are at risk for upcoming progression to blindness.
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is omnipresent in everyday life. Also known as machine intelligence, pertain the capacity of a machine to imitate human intelligence. AI today helps in assisting the early diagnosis of glaucoma making sure the patient can be treated earlier before losing the sight.
Glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness spreading rapidly all over. The important thing is, it cannot be fixed or reversed, so identifying glaucoma as early as possible helps saving the sight of patient. Unfortunately, the problem is that glaucoma is tough to diagnose in the early stages.
AI in Healthcare
The rapid evolution of technologies marked their footprints in almost all the sectors. Healthcare sector is in forefront using the high-end technologies to treat & cure diseases. AI, Big data, block chain are all the ways of gathering, storing and analyzing information. If the information is used effectively, it has the potential to rapidly speed up the progress in healthcare sector. Many Ophthalmologists have witnessed the power of AI algorithms that they can provide objective metrics from simple photographs and OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) as well as can recognize the amount of optic nerve damage in glaucoma.
How AI helps diagnosing glaucoma progression to blindness, check it here:
Glaucoma is the leading global cause of irreversible blindness which has affected over 60 Million people. Well, loss of sight in glaucoma is caused due to the death of cells present in the retina at the back of an eye. As per the sources, it is said that a new retina test can now detect glaucoma progression 18 months prior that the current standard method.
They say, “Being able to diagnose glaucoma at the very first stage, and predict its progression could certainly help people to maintain their sight and the treatment could be more successful if it is provided at an early stage of disease.”
The simple test called DARC (Detection of Apoptosing Retinal Cells) is conducted for the patient. It includes injection of a fluorescent dye into the bloodstream via the arms which gets attached to retinal cells, and illuminates those that are in the process of apoptosis.
FYI: ApoptosisA programmed cell death sequence that leads to elimination of cells without releasing any harmful substances into the surrounding area. Apoptosis plays a significant role in developing and maintaining the health of the body by eliminating old, unnecessary and unhealthy cells.
In the DARC test, the damaged cells appear bright white when viewed in eye examinations. Whereas, the more damage cells, the higher is the DARC count.
The interesting part is, the specialists often disagrees the sign of glaucoma while viewing the same scans. So the researchers have introduced an AI algorithm into their method. 
How the AI Algorithm works?
In the clinical trials of DARC, the AI was used to examine 60 case studies – 20 with Glaucoma patients and 40 with healthy participants.
Initially the AI was trained by analyzing the retinal scans of 40 healthy participants after injecting the dye.
Then the AI was tested on the glaucoma patients.
The patients were called for the follow-up after 18 months after the main trial period.
After 18 months, the researchers were able to predict progressive glaucomatous damage with complete accuracy as every patient with a DARC count over a certain limit was found to have a progressive glaucoma at the time of second follow-up.
“The results are promising as they show DARC can certainly be used as a biomarker when used in combination with AI-aided algorithm” said by the lead researcher from University College London (UCL) Institute of Ophthalmology.
So now, there is no need to worry about losing the sight as AI is ready to help diagnosing glaucoma progression to blindness at very early stage.
AI can spot glaucoma that can lead to blindness: Here's how

Codota: Coding Auto-Complete, AI code completion Technology

Everything you need to know about Codota – A Coders' AI/Machine learning, coding Auto-Complete Technology that helps boosting the productivity...

Get AI Code Completions for your IDE (integrated development enironment)
Codota is a tool that helps auto-completing developers code. It uses AI and machine learning under the hood, and it basically gives relevant suggestion at right time.
Codota: Coding, Auto-Complete AI Technology that helps boosting the productivity
Codota: Coding, Auto-Complete AI Technology that helps boosting the productivity
We are living in the era of fast development. Right from education to technologies, everything is working in a fast-pace which gets the job done little bit faster and easier. The disruptive technologies in the current scenario have their own speed of development& improvisation. 
The invention of smart mobile phones with curtailed keyboards, autocomplete has nearly become an omnipresent feature of how we write these days. To save our precious time of correcting and composing the sentences, our keyboards prompt us with few suggestion of what we are trying to write to get the job done easier and lot faster. 
A similar tool has been developed that applies the same auto-complete concept to the world of coding. Using this, the developers easily get suggestions of what he wants to code ahead. The startup, Codota has announced a round of funding to expand its business all over the world. 

What is Codota?

Codota is an Israeli startup, Technion, The Israel Institute of Technology that provides an AI tool to the developers and allows them to autocomplete the strings of code they are writing. The main aim is to speed up the developers work and make sure they use right syntax with correct spellings reducing the errors in entire code.

In the layman’s language- Codota is an artificial supporting programmer that learns from the existing code and gives you suggestions for next code to help you build software faster and smarter.
In a simpler way- Codota helps you while writing the new code predicting the code you might need next. It also helps developers in reading and reviewing the code by showing the code that implies in similar settings.
Codota runs alongside the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and take help from the learned code models to suggest relevant code. These suggestions surely save a lot time of developers from searching references and also help preventing the future errors in the code.

Coding with Codota

At first coding with Codota seems easier, but ultimately, the quality of the suggestions really makes or breaks a product.
Codota uses the AI auto-complete technology which helps in boosting the productivity of code.

Now what the heck is this auto-complete and how it works?

Well, we always use this function while typing on our smartphones. While in coding, there are two types of auto-complete:
Automated boilerplate generator which gives an entire scaffold of classes, functions, methods and service providers.
Inline suggestion that goes with you while typing.

These types of suggestions make use of AI and if you use the tool for longer period of time, it starts seeing your patterns in your code and predicts what you are going to type next. The more you use a particular tool; it becomes user-friendly as it familiarizes itself with the libraries and frameworks the developer is using. In other way, the tool becomes a secondary brain that you can keep under control!

Whereas, not all auto-complete tool able to predict correct suggestions for coding. But those who are powered by deep and machine learning are much more automated in the way that suggests what is your aim and making it better as a predictive coding tool than just a regular autocomplete.

Codota has a power to adapt developer’s personal coding style, systematic thinking and ways of handling specific task as it is powered by deep and machine learning technology.

Codota’s Technology

Since its development, the company claims it has analyzed millions of code repositories to generate insights that enhance the developer productivity. Codota compares its technology to Gmail’s Smart Compose Feature.

The platform scripts the predictable codes in the coding development cycle including looking up for syntax, spell checks and suggesting the next possible code the developer may need.

Codota’s platform supports all major coding languages such as, Python, JavaScript, Java, C, and HTML. The platform successfully operates across popular IDE such as VCCode, Eclipse and IntelliJ.

To date, Codota has raised more than $16M in funding for it AI Software for developers. The funding will be used to flourish its reach beyond the existing range as well as to hike the customers reach. At present, the list of those that are using this impressive tool includes developers from gigantic companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Alibaba, Airbnb and Atlassian to name few. The company claims that their user base has increased more than 1000% in last year and over 1 Million developers are using it as monthly subscription.

Empowering Developers

alking about the fresh funding, Dror Weiss, CEO of Codota, said, “This is a fantastic milestone towards achieving our mission of empowering every single developer in the world with best AI tools, thereby expanding developer productivity and software quality. We are looking forward to join the best-dev-tools investors in the world and look forward to next big stage in our rapid growth.”

On the other hand, Tom Gieselmann, general partner at E.Ventures is all set to join the startup’s Board of Directors, says, “I am researching the developer tools market since 20 years and I truly believe Codota has the power to dominate the players in terms of productivity and creativity. The tool is excellent and we are proud to support the whole Codota team on their mission to transform software development and making coding easier, efficient and effective not only for individual developers but also the team within the enterprise.”


App for an early detection of Leukocoria, Retinoblastoma(Rb), White Eye etc.

A Promising  health or medical app for an early eye check up: CRADLE

 .... AI photo app can early detect dreaded Leukocoria, Retinoblastoma(Rb), White Eye, Coats' disease etc. ...

This free but really useful medical app which uses AI or artificial intelligence promises to detect white eye problem by scanning photos in an early childhood and rare cancer eye symptoms, may be very useful for some people ...

Cradle White Eye Detector!

App for an early detection of Leukocoria, Retinoblastoma(Rb), White Eye etc.
App for an early detection of Leukocoria, Retinoblastoma(Rb), White Eye etc.

FYI:  Retinoblastoma (Rb) is a rare form of cancer that rapidly develops from the immature cells of a retina...

AI photo app can early detect dreaded Leukocoria, Retinoblastoma(Rb), White Eye, Coats' disease etc
AI photo app can early detect dreaded Leukocoria, Retinoblastoma(Rb), White Eye, Coats' disease etc, Image courtesy:
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AI Surveillance auto detects Intruders & records the crime, gun, mask on camera

Artificial Intelligence Surveillance auto detects Intruders & records the crime, gun, mask on camera

Techcrunch, the popular tech ezine reports that, “Deep Science AI joins Defendry to automatically detect crimes on camera

AI detects,records criminal, mask, guns, knife etc.
AI detects,records criminal, mask, guns, knife etc.
Deep Science AI, you know was emerged on stage at Disrupt NY 2017, while showing in a live demonstration, how their computer vision system could track or spot any gun or mask in a CCTV footage, thus potentially alerting that store or security provider to an imminent crime and to take measures to shun it.
Deep Science has been acquired and merged, with Defendry (next generation surveillance with active defense response tech or ART…), which is looking to deploy, the tech more widely.
It’s a classic example of a tech firm eyeing the market, and also a market-focused company looking for the rightful tech.
Further, this AI uses deep neural network, as soon as ART  (defendry) smells a threat outside any building they shut the doors quickly and may prohibit the armed or masked persons inside …..
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Do Huawei & China Eyeing to monopolize Global 5G over USA? Technological Loggerhead?

Do Huawei & China duo Eyeing to monopolize 5G data networks over USA

Do USA & China are at Technological Loggerhead?

Americans and The Federal USA would feel crazy, if they read the Forbes article which says, China and Huawei wants to monopolize the 5G?! Is it? True? If yes, why?

The question is if US Federal Government-White House,  department of defense and  or Pentagon (as they might have bulk of available spectrum) will make effort to stop China marching towards 5G foray?!
Huawei & China Eyeing to monopolize 5G? Do USA & China are at Tech Loggerhead?
Huawei & China Eyeing to monopolize 5G? Do USA & China are at Tech Loggerhead? Image Thanks: Huawei

America's 5G Rendezvous With Destiny ...

Why US may 'fume' over this Huwaei-China smart move? Commercial interests, ambitions clash, tech supremacy or just general clash of superiority between two super powers, USA and China?! 

Further Forbes says that Saudi Arabia and Turkey are also riding on China's 5G superhighway network, which is powered by Chinese mobile giant, THE HUAWEI (founded by China's Ren Zhengfei)! Also 58+ nations are ready to use or test Huawei hardware for the use of 5G future networks, so why America should not be concerned is a million dollar question now, 

"Today America is locked in a struggle for high-tech supremacy with China. The battlefields range from lasers, hypersonic weaponry, and advanced unmanned systems for the military, to artificial intelligence, robotics, quantum computers and even driverless cars in the civilian sector. One is transparently clear: whoever wins this struggle will become the dominant superpower in the 21st century; and one of the most decisive contests will be over 5G wireless"
Actually this undeclared and undefined technological 'war' is multi dimensional impacting tech and also trade supremacy effecting many economical,  tech or social sectors, 

5G, 6G high data speed with more high bandwidth is today's need and world is going to embrace it as it unrolls, 

Watch how would be the full connected, smart and intelligent Future:

Why Australia too is uncomfortable and banned ZTE and Huawei's 5G network/strategy? 

Australia's most secretive telecom spy agency chief says that a ban on 5G Huawei, ZTE network was supported as by technical advice! Hmm..

Huawei & China Eyeing to monopolize 5G? Do USA & China are at Tech Loggerhead?
Huawei & China Eyeing to monopolize 5G? Do USA & China are at Tech Loggerhead? Image Thanks: Huawei
Reuters News Agency already in February 2018 that China's Huawei is all set to rule the global 5G data networks, despite USA plea that that it may poses a security threat


6G Data: Future 2030 Vision, University of Oulu, Finland

Future Vision (Data fantasy) of University of Oulu, Finland is in 6G or 6Genesis for the year 2030

The University of Oulu, Finland's has a bold data dream of fetching 6G by 2030, not near, not far future, the dream lies in data, the data is fantasy now which drives current economy, generation X and society, the anthropology or sociology...

An unlimited intelligent data/wifi instant connectivity, we human would be able to produce verticals, service and apps for the future of data hungry digitized generation, like Augmented projection interfaces, physical to cyber fusion, health analytics and services, wireless multi access connectivity, cross-service architectures, sensor to AI fusion, scanning health indicators, smart clothing and environment, machine learning, bio metrics, wireless internet of things, habit tracking, virtual tele-porting etc...

Also cyber security, edge analytics, sensor fusion, blockchain, machine learning, cyber security, product gamification, hologram UIs, IOT or internet of things, on the fly configuration, multidimensional design tech, bio cybernetic identity, electronics and edge analytics, functional materials, 3D IOT Design, context aware buildings, embedded intelligence, augmented sensing, printed electronic products, customizable UIs and sensors, all automated life and many many things we even cant think now, its like Hollywood Sci-Fi fantasy,

6G Data: 2030 Future Vision, University of Oulu, Finland
6G Data: 2030 Future Vision, University of Oulu, Finland
6G Data: 2030 Future Vision, University of Oulu, Finland
6G Data: 2030 Future Vision, University of Oulu, Finland


5G Test Network Enables Flexible Service Solutions for Older People’s Independent Living

Google Lens: AI-AR Powered LIVE Image Search Engine: click, shop and recognize, translate the objects in photo

Google AI and AR Powered Photo Search Engine: Photo-shoot and translate, recognizes the object in photo also shop using image search photos

Google Lens was announced at Google I/O 2017 bu Sundar Pichai, this is an innovation of Google in AI-AR powered image search, was part of Google Assistant, now on cell phones.  recognizes the objects when they come to your smart phone screen as u click the picture of them : )

For example, you may become a botanist with google lens, point and shoot a flower, and google smart AI visual image search with google lens will tell its name and all things : )

Google AR-AI Powered Image Search Engine: Click and Recognize the objects in photo
Google AR-AI Powered Image Search Engine: Click and Recognize the objects in photo, Image Courtesy Techcrunch
Google lens will work a bit like Pinterest ... 

Techcrunch explains this with an interesting example:
"...The idea, explains the company, is to allow web searchers to learn more about what’s in a photo – including, in particular, items they may want to shop for and buy. For example, a photo of a well-decorated living room might have a sofa you like, but the photo itself wouldn’t have necessarily informed you who made the sofa or where it was for sale.

Google Lens – yes, acting very much like Pinterest – will now be able to help with that...."
Google lens image search AI-AR shop using photos
Google lens image search ARAI shop using photos, Image Courtesy Techcrunch
Right now The Google Lens in Images search with AR-AI is live on smart mobile web for U.S. searching in English language, soon it will be rolled out to other countries of the world, and more languages and also more Google Images locations.

AI-AR Powered Google-lens, bicycle-lens
AI-AR Powered Google-lens, bicycle-lens
AI-AR Powered Google-lens, visual search
AI-AR Powered visual search: Google-lens

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Facebook AI 3 Dimensional (3D) Photos & Videos: How to create using Apple iPhone?

Facebook Artificial Intelligence, 3 Dimensional (3D) Photos & Videos: How to create perspective-shifting snaps on feed and VR via iPhone? 

Facebook AI, 3 Dimensional (3D layer) Photos & Videos: How to create using smartphone
Facebook AI, 3 Dimensional (3D layer) Photos & Videos: How to create using Apple iPhone? Image via Techcrunch

Facebook AI 3 Dimensional (3D) Photos & Videos: How to create using Apple iPhone?
Facebook AI, 3 Dimensional (3D) Photos & Videos: How to create using Apple iPhone? Image via Techcrunch
Facebook The King of all online social media could be used to post snaps and videos in 3D  with no special or tech skill ever required, 

How to create 3D memories or pictures (which have a depth) on Facebook feed and VR using AI? I do not know technology and I am only a USER??

Facebook says: “With technology that captures the distance between the subject in the foreground and the background, 3D photos bring scenes to life with depth and movement…
Facebook 3 Dimensional (3D) Photos & Videos: How to create using Apple iPhone?
Facebook 3 Dimensional (3D) Photos & Videos: How to create using Apple iPhone?

How Facebook 3D layer photos technology works, Techcrunch Explains:

These 3D photos could be anything your kids, pets, parents, travel or vacation or so … you have to do is shoot a photo with iPhone in portrait mode using a dual mode cell phone with smart features, than just simply share it on FACEBOOK as 3D photo, You may view 3D photos in VR using the Oculus Browser on Oculus Go or Firefox on Oculus Rift.

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