How to turn your Living room into a Virtual Zoo by using Google’s3D AR Animals

How to turn your Living room into a Virtual Zoo by using Google’s3D AR Animals? Try it yourself...

Using Google’s 3D AR animals, you can now place virtual animals in your real world. The Google’s AR functionality allows you to view life-size animals up-close. So, if you have an iOS device or any latest Android smartphone, here is how to check it out.

In the current scenario the Covid-19 has affected everyone’s life from adults to kids in some or any ways. The compulsory quarantine or isolation in the current pandemic scenario made our boredom levels to plunge at its peak. Well, nothing to worry when disruptive technologies are ahead of times and are in forefront to make everyone happier.

Google – where technology is created and evolves has come up with a very attractive feature called Google’s 3D AR animals where you can snap pictures and videos with different animals straight from your living room or Kitchen. All you need is a capable smartphone and you will be clicking pictures with Lions, Wolf, and Pandas etc. in no time. With this new feature, your kids will certainly enjoy clicking pictures with various possible snaps and setups.

Let’s check the real heck:
One of the most awesome things of these AR (Augmented Reality) animals is their size. They appear exactly as they would in real life in your space. You can shrink them, enlarge them, and make them appear large or small as per your picture needs. The special sound effects and animations bring these animals to life giving the sense that they truly exists in the room.
Well, to start with, make sure you have an eligible device (Android, iOS). We have tried it on iPhone 8 Plus, Redmi Note 8 Pro, OnePlus 7 and to our wonders it worked without any trouble. To check out the list of compatible devices, head over to Google Developer Site here :

Once you have confirmed your phones compatibility, go to Google Search app or chrome and look for an animal in the search box.

Tap on “View in 3D,” a 3D model will appear on your screen. You can rotate and get a 360-degree view of the animal appeared on your screen.

Under that you will see a small text box popping “View in your space”. Here the camera app will open, you just have to scan the environment to place the animal and Hurray!!! You will able to see the 3D animal in augmented reality just besides you as you wish.

At this point, you can move the animal by tapping on it and dragging around. You can drag the scale in and out to adjust the size of animal if it is overpowering the room.  Last but not the least; you can even click pictures with the animal in different postures and gestures. Isn’t this is a fun yet creative activity?

Give it a try, I am pretty sure you will enjoy being in the virtual zoo in your own house and clicking pictures with various animals be only the rosy side effects of the fun activity.

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