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Everything you need to know about Codota – A Coders' AI/Machine learning, coding Auto-Complete Technology that helps boosting the productivity...

Get AI Code Completions for your IDE (integrated development enironment)
Codota is a tool that helps auto-completing developers code. It uses AI and machine learning under the hood, and it basically gives relevant suggestion at right time.
Codota: Coding, Auto-Complete AI Technology that helps boosting the productivity
Codota: Coding, Auto-Complete AI Technology that helps boosting the productivity
We are living in the era of fast development. Right from education to technologies, everything is working in a fast-pace which gets the job done little bit faster and easier. The disruptive technologies in the current scenario have their own speed of development& improvisation. 
The invention of smart mobile phones with curtailed keyboards, autocomplete has nearly become an omnipresent feature of how we write these days. To save our precious time of correcting and composing the sentences, our keyboards prompt us with few suggestion of what we are trying to write to get the job done easier and lot faster. 
A similar tool has been developed that applies the same auto-complete concept to the world of coding. Using this, the developers easily get suggestions of what he wants to code ahead. The startup, Codota has announced a round of funding to expand its business all over the world. 

What is Codota?

Codota is an Israeli startup, Technion, The Israel Institute of Technology that provides an AI tool to the developers and allows them to autocomplete the strings of code they are writing. The main aim is to speed up the developers work and make sure they use right syntax with correct spellings reducing the errors in entire code.

In the layman’s language- Codota is an artificial supporting programmer that learns from the existing code and gives you suggestions for next code to help you build software faster and smarter.
In a simpler way- Codota helps you while writing the new code predicting the code you might need next. It also helps developers in reading and reviewing the code by showing the code that implies in similar settings.
Codota runs alongside the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and take help from the learned code models to suggest relevant code. These suggestions surely save a lot time of developers from searching references and also help preventing the future errors in the code.

Coding with Codota

At first coding with Codota seems easier, but ultimately, the quality of the suggestions really makes or breaks a product.
Codota uses the AI auto-complete technology which helps in boosting the productivity of code.

Now what the heck is this auto-complete and how it works?

Well, we always use this function while typing on our smartphones. While in coding, there are two types of auto-complete:
Automated boilerplate generator which gives an entire scaffold of classes, functions, methods and service providers.
Inline suggestion that goes with you while typing.

These types of suggestions make use of AI and if you use the tool for longer period of time, it starts seeing your patterns in your code and predicts what you are going to type next. The more you use a particular tool; it becomes user-friendly as it familiarizes itself with the libraries and frameworks the developer is using. In other way, the tool becomes a secondary brain that you can keep under control!

Whereas, not all auto-complete tool able to predict correct suggestions for coding. But those who are powered by deep and machine learning are much more automated in the way that suggests what is your aim and making it better as a predictive coding tool than just a regular autocomplete.

Codota has a power to adapt developer’s personal coding style, systematic thinking and ways of handling specific task as it is powered by deep and machine learning technology.

Codota’s Technology

Since its development, the company claims it has analyzed millions of code repositories to generate insights that enhance the developer productivity. Codota compares its technology to Gmail’s Smart Compose Feature.

The platform scripts the predictable codes in the coding development cycle including looking up for syntax, spell checks and suggesting the next possible code the developer may need.

Codota’s platform supports all major coding languages such as, Python, JavaScript, Java, C, and HTML. The platform successfully operates across popular IDE such as VCCode, Eclipse and IntelliJ.

To date, Codota has raised more than $16M in funding for it AI Software for developers. The funding will be used to flourish its reach beyond the existing range as well as to hike the customers reach. At present, the list of those that are using this impressive tool includes developers from gigantic companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Alibaba, Airbnb and Atlassian to name few. The company claims that their user base has increased more than 1000% in last year and over 1 Million developers are using it as monthly subscription.

Empowering Developers

alking about the fresh funding, Dror Weiss, CEO of Codota, said, “This is a fantastic milestone towards achieving our mission of empowering every single developer in the world with best AI tools, thereby expanding developer productivity and software quality. We are looking forward to join the best-dev-tools investors in the world and look forward to next big stage in our rapid growth.”

On the other hand, Tom Gieselmann, general partner at E.Ventures is all set to join the startup’s Board of Directors, says, “I am researching the developer tools market since 20 years and I truly believe Codota has the power to dominate the players in terms of productivity and creativity. The tool is excellent and we are proud to support the whole Codota team on their mission to transform software development and making coding easier, efficient and effective not only for individual developers but also the team within the enterprise.”


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