Now Google:Advertisers will all have to prove their identity

Google advertisers’ verification

Google will oblige all advertisers without distinction to prove their identity before purchasing advertisements. Users will have direct access to information about an ad.

For political advertising like in the United States, Google requires that advertisers be validated with prior verification of their identity. The latter can be consulted directly by users of the search engine, YouTube and other partner sites.

The same procedure is extended to all advertisers on Google platforms who will have to prove their identity before they can buy advertisements.
"Advertisers will be required to submit personal identification, company incorporation documents or other information proving their identity and the country in which they operate," writes Google.
Google:Advertisers will all have to prove their identity
Google:Advertisers will all have to prove their identity
Starting coming summer, users will be able to start seeing information about the advertiser behind the ads they see:

According to Google and in addition to greater transparency, the goal is also to help preserve the health of the digital advertising ecosystem, “by detecting bad actors and limiting their attempts to present themselves in a false light. “

The verification process will start in stages first in the United States and then be rolled out worldwide. Google warns that it will take ... "a few years.” This goes to show the extent of the network of the advertising giant that is Google.


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