Travel without Languages Constraint, with Real Time, Live Handy AI Translation Gadget: One Mini

AI Pocket Multilingual Real-Time  Speech to Text: ONE MINI, AI Machine Translation

I always love to say that technology has disrupted in such a way that it’s not only changing THE LIVES  but making us insane : ) Huh …

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Well a handy AI translation gadget is going to change the life of NOMADS, live interpreter gadget, ONE MINI is said to be nearly accurate in translation to transcription,
AI Pocket Multilingual Real-Time  Speech to Text: ONE MINI, Machine Translation
AI Pocket Multilingual Real-Time  Speech to Text: ONE MINI, Machine Translation
Right now, till date, One Mini is able to able to translate, transcribe 12 world languages, and it envelopes 90% of the planet Earth, just for communicating and recording needs anytime, anywhere, it’s a Kickstarter project and has been 100% funded in just 20 hours!

Kickstarter says:
The communication experience is unprecedentedly improved by combining AI with human translation service. Meanwhile, recording and transcription function capture your speech and convert it into multilingual text, which highly improves your efficiency.

One Mini translation AI tool supports 12 languages as shown blow, it’s a 2 way voice translation service between any 2 languages shown blow, more languages may come …

English, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Arabic Italian … no doubt it has ability to translate world’s toughest pictorial languages viz Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc and also Arabic a unique language in script …


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