In Age of AI-VR, Computer Graphics, Do Picasso, Gogh, Vinci, Monalisa, Art & Artists losing Charm??

In the Age of AI-VR and Computer Graphics, Do Picasso, Gogh, Vinci, Monalisa, etc. Art & Artists are losing Charm??

Visual Arts from Cave Art (rock shelters) to Algorithmic or AI coded Art, a journey by the millions of billions years annals of time travel... 

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'Long long ago" or Ones upon a timethere were human made paintings the coming generations will feel like this? Like today we talk of ancient cave paintings...

Well, the fine arts or creative arts viz. painting, writing, poetry, dancing, music, sculpting etc etc are slowly MORPHING into computing & algorithm, (where are the human sentiments as in a man made painting?) they have the coding, they have the algorithm they are in VR itself with computers with paint brush, photo shop, Adobe Illustrator, Augmented reality or AR, Virtual Reality or VR, 3D printing is largely changing the art world, but do artists' creativity and sentiments/feelings it holds? It's a world of mobility, mobile, internet and speed .... 

Where is Aesthetics, ? What is Perception here? Inspiration, Imagination, Motivation makes an AI could replace or code them in any algorithm?

Now coding is heading towards arts for an amalgamation, and not is the versa, does is means the creative 'charm' is in the arts and not in the technology? What you say??

Art Blends with Coding to a new genre known as AI or Artificial Intelligence:
Age of AI-VR, Computer Graphics, Do Picasso, Gogh, Vinci, Monalisa, Art & Artists losing Charm??
Age of AI-VR, Computer Graphics, Do Picasso, Gogh, Vinci, Monalisa, Art & Artists losing Charm??
19-year-old developed the code for the AI portrait that sold for $432,000 at Christie’s

I was reading that an AI generated painting was hammered and sold at Christie Prints and Multiple Art Auction for whopping $432,000, it is known as PORTRAIT OF EDMOND BELAMY

So the million dollar question remains ... could AI coded painting will produce a master piece like Monalisa or such, if yes, when?? Not only in terms of money only, but in feelings too?

Also in the age of AI-V R, Computer Graphics, Do Pablo Picasso, Gogh, Vinci, Monalisa, Art & Artists losing Charm rapidly?? 

... Man! till date, it's impossible to decode THE SMILE of a woman: MONALISA, and you are trying to sell coded visual artwork on Christie's auction house? Agreed, you know CODING, but could you do DECODING of feelings too, without feelings any art is no art? Man! It's in feelings you could never find in algorithms or machine learning AI! Could you?

Do AI is better than a living artist? Do AI is fast replacing human intelligence or assisting it?

Further KSGF says:
"AI has already been incorporated as a tool by contemporary artists and as this technology further develops, we are excited to participate in these continued conversations. To best engage in the dialogue, we are offering a public platform to exhibit an artwork that has entirely been realized by an algorithm." 
While the print is signed "min G max D x [log (D(x))] + z [log(1 -- D (G(z)))]" after a section of the algorithm's code, it was conceived by Obvious, a Paris-based trio fascinated by the artistic potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning."
AI made painting says:Computers are USELESS, they can only give answers
Computers are USELESS, they can only give answers, Image courtesy OBVIOUS ART
"Computers are USELESS, they can only give answers" : ) really? than what else you are seeking man? is there a limit to your ambitions and anxiety??


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