How to become a FASHION DESIGNER: Quiver AR Fashion App

Be a smart FASHION DESIGNER with Quiver AR Fashion App

Ever thought of becoming a Fashion Designer? Creative thought it is!

Though the whole world is rapidly embracing the technological hikes, the creative brains amidst this electronic people make their pathways to enhance their creativity. Technology too helps the creative people learn new things in new ways, blending fashion with technology?!

For the upcoming fashion designers, Quiver Fashion, a beautiful Augmented Reality (AR) app allows to create your outfits and see them come to life in augmented reality. It also allows arranging a virtual fashion show of your designed costumes.

Quiver Fashion App for Android and iOS 

What is this Augmented Reality or AR?: It’s a ‘mixed feeling’ where the real world blends with virtual world, like creating a ‘layer’ in real world for that of virtual world, like you might have not forgotten the Pokemon Go AR game which is played on smart phones in real locations …

Check the real Quiver Fashion App features below:

Create and design your style
Creativity lies in the brain. It’s simply a combination of creative thoughts & visualization that certainly creates beauty! Wow, amazing! With this Quiver Fashion app, you can create your models/outfits, color them, and make a print of them. Once you are ready with your latest collections, save it to your wardrobe studio and be willing to flaunt them in front of your buddies.

Add your blend
Are those shoes going better with this outfit? A pervasive question from this Gen X girls! They seemed to be perfect in everything they are going to wear right from the shoes, dress color, accessories, hairstyle and everything. With this app, you can blend the clothing items individually to create a brand new outfit from your collection. Well, once you will satisfy with your blending, you can save your masterpiece to your collection.

Print your page and color it
Using this quiver Fashion App, print any coloring page and pick your coloring tools, pencil, crayons, paints or whatever you wish to.

Bring it to life with AR
Get ready to watch your artwork magically come to a life on your smart digital device screen.

Virtual Reality (VR) Fashion Show
Enjoy a Fashion show of your creations come to life with your very own virtual reality technology. Experience the show as if you are sitting in the crowd, cheer your models.

Enjoy the scintillating eve with your creations and pat your back for becoming a celebrated Fashion Designer, have fun!

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