More Cool Augmented Reality (AR) Apps For iOS/iPhone, Android

Augmented Reality (AR) is the actual future of our virtual world technology now. What AR do is that it blends digital content with real world physical objects and locations by using maps etc, have you played POKEMON GAME, it connects virtual world with real world : )

AR Apple Apps:

Inkhunter: Get inked or Tattos before actually getting real one

Do you wish to get inked? Have you shortlisted your design? Yes, ok now see how it will look on your hand by using an Inkhunter app. It is one of unique AR apps. It allows you to check out what tattoos will look like on your body before you get it inked. Draw few lines on your body. Hold the iPhone camera over the lines and the app will automatically put the tattoo there. Yippee! You can see and change the design accordingly. The app won’t work for large works, but for some manageable designs, it is the best! The app comes along with a photo editor just in case you want to go creative with your tattoo design. Have a try once!

Wikitude: Explore your surroundings on your iPhone

Wikitude is an augmented reality web browser widely known as the king of AR browsers. It allows the user to scan things like magazines, newspapers showing the web results in augmented reality. The AR app shows any geographical relevant information while using smartphone camera in a given area.  The information is presented in the form of Wikipedia articles outlining the hallmark of a particular landmark, or way to the nearest ATM location or five-star restaurants and also similar accommodations and also offers best mobile deals and coupons for local stores in the nearest areas.

More Useful Apps:

NTT Docomo Japan’s Augmented Reality Real-Time Translator Glasses (Who cares for a Google Glass?)


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