Best Augmented Reality (AR) Drawing Apps For iPhone, Android Users

Augmented Reality (AR) is the future now. Who can forget the craziest Pokémon Go, CurioPet AR game while talking about AR? Yes, the game had made people; especially the teens go insane about it. The craze of the game may have cooled off, but the augmented reality apps are in trend now. The apps can be the fun technology to play with. The basic concept of AR is to overlay digital content on top of physical objects and locations by using something like a map, or a camera. Besides being outstanding, AR is also one of the most disruptive categories of games and apps which means, an app is either good or awful to play with.

Recently, Apple has made augmented reality as a part of its upcoming iOS release with ARKit developer tools. Check out these spectacular augmented reality apps for iOS devices, have a look!

SketchAR: Start Drawing Easily with Augmented Reality:
For the Sketch Artists out there, this app is for you! The SketchAR turns your smartphone screen into an augmented reality drawing board canvas, overlaying a sketch or line art image on a blank paper that you can then trace over. 

There is an inbuilt library of sketches included in the app from which users can select the design of their choice. Users can also transform their pictures into a traceable line art using the app. SketchAR works best on A4 sized paper. 

The app won’t substitute for a proper drawing class by any means, but it can be an innovative app to play with. So, are you ready for your next sketch, blending actual life with a virtual life you always dream for?

Quiver: 3D Coloring App:
Quiver is an augmented reality coloring book and app that can bring your child’s colored pages to life. You can download a variety of free and premium image packs from app’s official website, color them and then use the app to bring the pages to life with animations and special effects. The app is not great for adults, but it is interactive for kids, we can say, a well spend evening with your children!

Technology seems to be disrupted and evolving in every aspect with a faster speed. Keeping this in mind, the best thing is to embrace these changes and add more life than what we see. Augmented reality is at the cutting-edge of reshaping the world into a better, livable place.

The AR Apps for iPhones are FREE, so no excuse for not participating in this evolution. Get your favorite apps now to enjoy a unique version of real second life in virtual life environment. Stay Tuned!

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