Next Generation Video Messaging App Tribe Is Effortless, Emotional and Elegant

Next Generation Smart Messaging App Tribe Is Effortless, Emotional and Elegant

At Glance: Tribe Messaging App is a free and brand new video messaging app that allows you to chat with friends in a more agile way than texting and easier than live video and phone calls.

In the current scenario, there is absolutely no dearth of social messaging apps in the tech world. From the enormously popular WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype and the countless other social messaging apps the list is endless. Though the core purposes of these apps are same, they all differ from each other in one or more ways. For instance, WhatsApp is text messaging app while Skype is all about video chatting. I like WhatsApp :) but the problem is almost both our hands gets occupied while using these messaging apps while typing, doing audio/video chats. Also when we are preoccupied in some work it is quite a disturbing situation to use these apps.

Well, not anymore, Meet Tribe, a new creative social messaging app for iOS and Android that will be competing with Snapchat and many other innumerable messaging apps. Tribe describes itself as “Walkie-talkie reinvented” though it is not live like Voxer which is actually a walkie-talkie like. 

Taking cues from the walkie-talkie method of communication, Tribe allows you to send short audio/video messages super quickly and easily using just one hand and with no typing! To our wonders, the messages disappear after they are opened. You may also receive some interesting info about people (if they choose to share) including the weather, their current location (including how many miles away they stay).

FYI: Tribe is simpler, easier and works absolutely with one hand and that makes it better than that of Snapchat, but one thing to be kept in mind is unlike Snapchat, Tribe doesn’t notify the sender if a mobile screenshot of a message is taken.

On first look, Tribe seems to be an interesting take on messaging, thanks to its focus on video; it has couple of extra features as well. Let’s jump in and find out a bit more about Tribe.

Getting started with Tribe
The app is incredible in itself. It is a more personal way of sending messages to each other. You can send video messages on Tribe in a much faster way than writing a long text as it only takes a few taps. Unlike WhatsApp, by default, the startup doesn’t ask you to confirm before sending a video. Instead you can cancel the message if you press “cancel button” in 3 seconds after sending a video. Tribe is way much easier to send messages.

Let’s have a look on some cool features of Tribe:
1.       You can make conversation just like you are sitting in same room
Tribe makes you feel like you are making a real-time conversation also the weather and distance can be known. It simply gives the experience of talking on walkie-talkie.

2.       Tribe is a perfect tool for Group chats
Want to talk with friends, roommates, classmates and family at the same time? Use Tribe! You can group chat using Tribe which will make you feel like you all are together sitting and chatting no matter where everyone is.

3.       Tribe is the fastest and easiest way to send video/audio messages
Send Video as well as audio messages with just a press of thumb. Yes, do everything using only one hand, or a thumb. You can keep chatting on-the-go no matter you are walking or driving. Keep doing your other stuffs while having multiple conversations simultaneously.

4.       Tribe is the safest place to chat privately
The messages you send on Tribe are deleted there-n-then, NO message is ever kept by the Tribe so any leak or hack is absolutely impossible thing.


In this vast and emerging world of tech, can Tribe compete with the other messaging apps? What do you think? Myriad photo and messaging apps are ruling the communication world. The big question is can Tribe succeed in such a high competitive world? Well, let’s keep an eye on Tribe and see who gets obsessed to use this creative messaging app, Stay Tuned!

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