Get AR Apps for iPhone, Android is in the Pipeline

How and which AR Apps for iPhone? Android Augmented Reality Apps may be in the Pipeline ...

Techcrunch reports that there are some good AR apps which will soon be available to be downloaded on Apple iPhone, iPad, iWatch, iPod Touch (iOS), 

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Ikea AR Furniture App for iOS:
This IKEA AR App will permit you to place actual size replica of sofa, furniture or armchair anywhere, 

For Kitchen, Food Network AR App for Apple iPhone, iWatch etc.:
Enjoy the virtual food, dessert, cakes, pastries, cupcakes, all recipes an more in Augmented Reality

Giphy World AR App for iOS:

This Giphy AR App will allow you to place gifs in virtual 3D space, you can share the videos of whole 3D scene, in Augmented Reality with your contacts who also have this AR App, than edit, remix or do collaborate in your piece of art work :)

I will share more virtual world's AR apps in my next posts, stay tuned and bookmark us. 

What is AR? AR for Dummies ...

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