Ili: Real-Time - Live, Wearable Translator Gadget

Ili: Real-Time, Live, Wearable Translator Gadget: Languages sans borders

Ili: Real-Time - Live, Wearable Translator Gadget
Ili: Real-Time - Live, Wearable Translator Gadget
Have you ever thought how would you converse with Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi, Latin or Chinese or such foreign languages speaking guys while on a vacation to China, Japan or around the globe? Nostradamus had foretold about this in his famous Prophecies ...

The entire world is a global village now in the knowledge, connectivity and technology and the interesting part is, the English language is commonly used as a medium of communication all over the world. But that doesn’t mean every third person can speak in English. So how would you converse in this situation?

Skype live instant real time translator, Google translator ... there are many options in this digital world!               

There could be actually a lot of language barriers which can be a hurdle for travelers or persons, but meet Ili, a wearable translator, it’s time to say goodbye to language barriers.

Initially “Google Translate” has its place as a web translator but it is an online translator as it needs an internet connection. We need something better to break the language barriers. 

We need a digital translator that directly uses voice over text as text requires skills like literacy as well as familiarity in handling the smartphone; we need a translator that concentrates on small set of languages to maximize comprehension. Well, that’s exactly what Ili is!

ILI, is the wearable translator gadget, that translates the phrases and repeats back to you in your own language. The Japanese company Logbar is the makers of Ili and the company is taking things slow aiming for exact translation.

Currently, Ili supports English, Chinese or Japanese language translation. The smart wearable lets you translate up to 50,000 words and phrases without any internet connection or mobile date. It uses the in-built operating system contained on the device.

Working of Ili

The dongle-sized gadget doesn’t need any kind of Wi-Fi/3G/4G or any other internet connection for its working. It uses a built-in translation engine that does all the required work, working in tandem with the speech synthesis chipset as well. The gadget is pre-loaded with a phrase lexicon (dictionary) for common travel interactions making it ideal for global-trotters and world diplomats etc.

To translate the conversation, you just have to press a button and start talking to Ili. When you release the button, it translates the whole wordings through a microphone which is four times louder than the speaker on our mobile phones.

Currently, Ili does English, Japanese and Chinese conversations but the second generation model will come with French, Thai and Korean and the third version will deliver Spanish, Italian and Arabic options. The pricings of the gadget are yet to be disclosed.

This gadget seems to be the coolest one among the online translator apps. If it does work as aimed, however, it could be an essential must-have gadget in the list of many of us and primarily the globe trotters.                

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