Traditional Phone System and Small Business

Traditional Phone System and Small Business 

Traditional Phone System and Small Business
Traditional Phone System and Small Business

When your business is small, it is natural that you will try to reduce costs under different overhead. The same logic is applicable to your communication system as well. You may believe that the traditional business telephone systems are the best way by which you can communicate with your clients, suppliers and other stakeholders of your business. 

However, have you ever given it a thought that the traditional business telephone is not updated with modern technology and thus they are not designed in the way that can meet the need of present day users! Something that is considered by you as cheaper than the modern system of communication is actually costlier and can even lead to irreparable damage to your company’s image.

If you switch to a cloud based business telephone system, you will find that within no time you are overwhelmed by its amazing features. Connect with your employees located at different places, customers and remote employees through one connected system. You can customize the system as per your requirement and once installed manage it from anywhere.
Thus, when there are so many visible benefits of switching to the cloud based phone system, there is no harm in try it out. If your traditional thoughts are still holding you back from switching to the modern technology then these reasons should change your view.

Installation times
While installing a PBX (private branch exchange) you will just not need a lot of hardware and expert knowledge, but a couple of weeks too. Instead switching to the cloud based phone will take only few hours after you decide the number of IP phones required by your concern.

If you feel that you already have a PBX then why should you change? If you have plans for expansion then you must consider it. For adding new users or groups to your existing cloud based phone will take few hours while adding a PBX will take weeks. Decision is of course yours.

Single purpose
Communication even 10 years ago was receiving and making calls. It has changed a lot now. There are multitudes of alternative ways for communication and you need to give your customer almost all the options so that they can get in touch with you the way they like.
Traditional phones won’t allow you to integrate messaging, voicemail, call auto-recording, email notifications and others like the cloud based solutions. Do you prefer to live in primitive age of communication?

No flexibility or mobility
It is not possible for you to stay in your office for 24/7; neither can you carry the traditional phone along with you. However, it is important that your customers can contact you anytime they want. Different functions like department extensions, auto receptionist, employee routing will help you to be in touch with your customers whenever you want.  You will not miss a call whether you are working or sleeping. What else could you expect from communication system?

Quality and cost of calls
You may argue about the quality of the call of the traditional phone system is far better than the cloud based system call quality. This is a historic statement now as with increase in bandwidth of the internet connection the call quality has improved a lot over time.
The cost of using a cloud based phone system is much cheaper compared to traditional phone system. Apart from this if you consider the benefits that you derive from cloud based system, there is no doubt that this cost will be nothing.

Lack of integration
Now Bring Your own Device (BYOD) is becoming a norm where employees carry their own laptops and mobiles. It is necessary that you allow them to integrate with your system seamlessly. This is not possible in traditional phone system.

Control all calls to the office
If you have traditional phone system at your place, you will not able to call back those numbers which are being missed by you. Instead with a cloud system you can re-direct the calls to someone who can take action and not leave the customer disappointed.

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