Smart Wallet informs you, if you forget it anywhere or if the cards in it are missing

Walli is a Smart futuristic, digitally connected wallet,  Bluetooth enabled Wallet, a new evolution or an innovation in wearable technology that not only protects your wallet from getting it lost but also notifies you if you leave it or forget it behind as well as informs you if any of the cards in the wallet is missing.

Smart Wallet informs you, if you forget it anywhere or if the cards in it are missing
Smart Wallet informs you, if you forget it anywhere or if the cards in it are missing
There are many who tend to forget their belongings no matter wherever they go, Hey! Too I am one of those :) when in hurry, we many a times keep forgetting our belongings like cell phones, keys, wallet, specs on the table or wherever we go like in a coffee lounge or in office or at home also.

For something so easily misplaced, a lost wallet can cause more hassles which aren’t much fun in anyone’s book.  Well, if you find yourself in this situation, then you should be looking at this interesting smart wallet. People behind Walli are aiming to save the forgetful folks from the hassles by giving their smartphones a slight push when the wallet or some cards in it are left behind or missing.

Working of Walli Smart Wallet
The smartphone and the Walli wallet are connected together by Bluetooth 4.0 and there is an app available for both iOS and Android which continuously monitors your wallet activity. It sends a display notification to the user’s phone as soon as it goes out of range. Also if the phone is misplaced but within 100ft, a double tap on the Walli wallet will cause the smartphone to start ringing even if it is on a silent mode.

According to the creators, Walli has a patent-pending technology called SecurePockets that keep track on the cards in wallet. They claimed that these pockets are smart enough and capable of sending a signal to the paired smartphone about the missing card after a certain amount of time rather than being instant. This is because we generally use the cards, may that be a credit card/ID for couple of minutes.

You can also set timer through the app after which the app will notify you about the missing card pocket. This is very useful at times of travel and makes sure you don’t forget your important cards/ID/Passport at a restaurant of during travel.

Connected  Wallets of our digital age

About the Walli Wallet
Walli is made from genuine leather and is dust-proof available in both black and blue colors. The wallet has six pockets and since it works on Bluetooth, there needs to be a battery. It runs on a coin cell battery so it won’t need charging, though the battery needs a replacement in every six months. It’s not only a wallet but you can also endorse the key finder, and a travel pouch that can easily handle the large documents like the passports.


Talk to Your Plants with the Help of Microsoft’s Research Project Florence

Microsoft’s Research Project Florence will allow you to talk to the plants in your garden, surprised? Remember Indian scientist JC Basu who told the world that plants have life, feelings and they can talk and listen too,

From centuries we have been hearing and reading that talking to plants or playing soothing music nearby the plants help to grow them better. Also gardeners have claimed the same and do believe that plants benefits from human conversations and react to their environment in a language of electrical impulses and chemicals.

Well, the question arises, whether there is a way that we humans and the plants could talk to one another? Big thanks to Project Florence, a project created by post-doc researcher at Microsoft, Helene Steiner, which allows you to chat with plants in their own unknown but native language.

Talk to Your Plants with the Help of Microsoft’s Research Project Florence
Talk to Your Plants with the Help of Microsoft’s Research Project Florence, Image courtesy 

Under the hood, Project Florence is a sensor-loaded plant capsule that is connected to a companion computer with which you can send messages to the plant, hang on! Project Florence makes the plants to reply your messages back again.

Check the real heck here:

To start communicating, you can type anything you like at the devices accompanying terminal. Then, a few things happen to that message at the same time. Initially, your message is mapped for a sentiment, whether it is positive or negative message? And after that the sentiment is translated into a Morse Code-like series of blinks. For instance, a very tender sentiment might appear as a long red blinks as red light causes a plant to flower.

There are sensors connected to the leaves, roots as well as in the soil and air too which will get a general gist of how plant is feeling. Are the leaves giving off any sensitive chemical? Does the soil seem to be dry? From those sensor readings, the plants make a positive or negative “response” to your sentiment. The plants reaction is translated into words we can understand and sent back to us as a response from the plant.

Speaking about the feelings of plants, the research Doc said, “We can almost create moods of the plant, and abstract the message that comes back. When I ask you as question and you are in a really good mood the response is probably better than you are tired. That’s why we thought natural language processing was a good way [to indicate the plant’s state].”

Meanwhile, Helene Steiner aims to continue to work closely with the Microsoft to further explore the core science behind this breakthrough technology.

Microsoft is also quite concerned about this idea of conversation between the humans and the plants. If you want to build more maintained agro systems and if you are interested in thinking about responsive environments, you could really think about bringing a natural environment into our technological world, rather than placing technology everywhere into our environment.

This breakthrough scientific discovery needs to be progressed and we are looking forward on this interesting project in coming years.


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