Wearable Fashion Tech - GER Mood-Sweater

The Mood-Sweater: Auto evince feelings with LED’s and body communication

At a Glance: The GER mood-sweater, that uses Galvanic Skin Response, will let the people know the feelings in your mind.

Ever wondered how can your clothes reveal the feelings or your mind states? Well, now nothing seems to be impossible in this speedy innovative tech field.

The wearable technologies these days are in transilience. The creative think tanks are introducing some new, more high-fashioned as well as interactive designs to be stable in the tech market.

Wearable Fashion Tech - GER Mood-Sweater
Wearable Fashion Tech - GER Mood-Sweater
Galvanic Extimacy Responder (GER) mood-sweater

The GER mood-sweater is one such breakthrough invention in the wearable tech field.  The mood-sweater automatically reads the human emotions and attempts to shed light on the inner feelings of the wearer. Developed by San Francisco design lab Sensoree, the mood sweater holds a special type of sensor known as Galvanic Extimacy Responder (GER).

Check the real heck here:

According to the Sensoree, the mood sweater makes the use of Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), the way in which the broadcasting of human skin changes in response to stimuli. The mood sweater has a series of LEDs embedded in fabric around the high collar that illuminate to exhibit the wearer’s emotional state.

The sensors are placed on the hands to read and interpret electric currents produced by the chemical action in the skin. These are connected along the semitransparent wires to a node inside the apparel, which automatically translates the readings into a specific colors created by the lights.

Wearable Fashion Tech - GER Mood-Sweater
Wearable Fashion Tech - GER Mood-Sweater
The wonderful part in this garment is the LED lights which glow according to the emotional states of the wearer. The white sweater glows red when the wearer feels anxious or in love, it turns blue to show calm and can change to magenta to show the excitement and glows yellow to show the happiness J

Is not that a wonderful technology? The various states of mind of a person would certainly be depicted and one could act accordingly as well!

Well, this technology would be an opportunity for the individuals who are effete to communicate their mood to show how they are feeling at that moment.

The Sensoree founder says:
This concept holds exciting promise for the future, as wearable clothing could be adapted for the personal healthcare arena”.
The personal technology is positively affecting many aspects of our lives, with the GER mood sweater wearable technology, it is easy to create sensitive, communicative technology that is visceral, responsive and enlightens the senses in the common person.



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