5 Ways Mobile VoIP Can Turn Your Business Around For Good!

5 Ways Mobile VoIP Can Turn Your Business Around For Good
5 Ways Mobile VoIP Can Turn Your Business Around For Good!
5 Ways Mobile VoIP Can Turn Your Business Around For Good!

Mobile phones have completely revolutionized the way we communicate and not only has it benefited individuals but also businesses. There is no doubt that it has brought about changes in the way business is conducted. Obviously, the change was positive as VoIP or internet telephony has introduced better ways to save money on communication. Technology still has more in store and now the recent trend is mobile VoIP.

What is mobile VoIP?

Simply, mobile VoIP is the integration of your mobile sets with any existing VoIP connection. It saves your mobile minutes. When you are traveling you can use the bandwidth of VoIP connection to take calls, make calls, use your browser, send messages and everything that you do with your mobile.

   However, different people conceive mobile VoIP in a different way and some of such definitions are:
  • Using business phone, Smartphone, or tablets as an extension of the office phone.
  • ·       Travelers use their laptop as soft-phone along with business phone system.
  • ·       Using wearable devices like smart watches for checking emails, mobile phone calls, web browsing and then integrating them with a business phone.
  • ·    For delivering business quality videos for streaming educational materials, video conferencing, and presentations HD video are built into mobile devices.

Thus, mobile VoIP lets you use your business phone through your mobile devices. Now, let’s find out how can they change businesses?

Merge your fixed and mobile communications

You may have both your mobile phone number and your desk phone number on your business card! Someone who is in a hurry and wants to contact you have to try out both the numbers to reach you if they do not know where you are at that moment! If they call at your mobile while you are available at desk, it uselessly will eat up the charge on your mobile phone. On the other hand, they have to make two calls if they call at the desk when you are out. Although trivial, but these are wastage of resources.

With basic mobile VoIP, you can make an arrangement that a call will ring both at your desk and mobile. So, one can reach you easily through a single call. It will speed up the way you get connected to people. This will be same for you when you need to reach any employees of your concern.

Use web activated and handset activated mobile VoIP

By using web activated mobile VoIP, you can use the website to call any number. You just need to add the phone number you want to call and dial. The website system will go to the nearest exchange to make a cheap connection between you and the person you are calling. It is a great way to communicate faster without increasing telephone bill.
Having a handset activated mobile gives you flexibility. Just check whether your mobile can download the client software. Once done you can use your mobile just like the desk telephone.

Integrate mobile VoIP for employees 

A great way by which mobile VoIP can change the way you do business is by integrating the system with your employees mobile too. First assess who all need mobile integration that will increase their productivity. Do they need only email and texting or real time videos too? After preparing the policies implement Mobile VoIP to get connected with your employees.

Send voice messages to lot of people at once

With Mobile VoIP, you can get connected and send voice messages to all your mobile VoIP integrated employees at once. It saves a lot of your valuable time that can be utilized in some other fruitful work.

Talk to Chinese client without knowing Chinese

Yes, this facility of mobile VoIP will save your resources and energy. Just by calling JAJAH number in China, you can translate your phrases said in English to Chinese. Your companion in China along with a handset given by you can hear what you say in mandarin Chinese. It will cost you just the price of JAJAH VoIP call and you can save at least 5 years of time that you have to spend for learning Chinese!

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Michelle Patterson is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people.

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