Wear Oakley Radar Pace Smart intelligent Glasses

Do Oakley Radar Pace Smart Intelligent Glasses a good alternate to Google Glass?

As was announced at at CES 2016 this gadget is not only a wearing glass but a wearable device with a computing and difference, if you had tried Google Glass than you will like this light weight wearable computer Gadget too, it looks like a normal glass or eyewear but with a difference,

Oakley Radar Pace Glass is superb in sensors (or rather the collection of sensors which are an accelerometer, gyroscope and barometer, and also includes the sensors for humidity and proximity, audio and visual technology, with Intel as their partner!


Microsoft initiates cracking Cancer code with AI or Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft's cracking/reprogramming/repairing Cancer code/genome/cells with AI or Artificial Intelligence Technology:

Microsoft the tech giant believes that dreaded Cancer cell are like a software programme or a computer virus which can be ‘solved’ or decoded just by cracking the code, seems it is a game of ethical hacking or something like that for Microsoft, Cancer is dreaded and humanity surely want a cure of this in this century!

The MS researchers are trying to decode the Cancer ‘genome’ and to find a cure of this dreaded disease Cancer with the help of Artificial Intelligence or AI, time will prove if they are travelling in the right direction and when they hit the bulls eye!

Microsoft initiates cracking Cancer code with AI or Artificial Intelligence
Microsoft initiates cracking Cancer code with AI or Artificial Intelligence
Microsoft initiates cracking Cancer code with AI or Artificial Intelligence
Microsoft initiates cracking Cancer code with AI or Artificial Intelligence
Thanks to the evolving and disruptive technology and MS research which would save the humanity from this disease Oncology, which we know as Cancer!

Treating Cancer using Computer Science /AI





Ili: Real-Time - Live, Wearable Translator Gadget

Ili: Real-Time, Live, Wearable Translator Gadget: Languages sans borders

Ili: Real-Time - Live, Wearable Translator Gadget
Ili: Real-Time - Live, Wearable Translator Gadget
Have you ever thought how would you converse with Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi, Latin or Chinese or such foreign languages speaking guys while on a vacation to China, Japan or around the globe? Nostradamus had foretold about this in his famous Prophecies ...

The entire world is a global village now in the knowledge, connectivity and technology and the interesting part is, the English language is commonly used as a medium of communication all over the world. But that doesn’t mean every third person can speak in English. So how would you converse in this situation?

Skype live instant real time translator, Google translator ... there are many options in this digital world!               

There could be actually a lot of language barriers which can be a hurdle for travelers or persons, but meet Ili, a wearable translator, it’s time to say goodbye to language barriers.

Initially “Google Translate” has its place as a web translator but it is an online translator as it needs an internet connection. We need something better to break the language barriers. 

We need a digital translator that directly uses voice over text as text requires skills like literacy as well as familiarity in handling the smartphone; we need a translator that concentrates on small set of languages to maximize comprehension. Well, that’s exactly what Ili is!

ILI, is the wearable translator gadget, that translates the phrases and repeats back to you in your own language. The Japanese company Logbar is the makers of Ili and the company is taking things slow aiming for exact translation.

Currently, Ili supports English, Chinese or Japanese language translation. The smart wearable lets you translate up to 50,000 words and phrases without any internet connection or mobile date. It uses the in-built operating system contained on the device.

Working of Ili

The dongle-sized gadget doesn’t need any kind of Wi-Fi/3G/4G or any other internet connection for its working. It uses a built-in translation engine that does all the required work, working in tandem with the speech synthesis chipset as well. The gadget is pre-loaded with a phrase lexicon (dictionary) for common travel interactions making it ideal for global-trotters and world diplomats etc.

To translate the conversation, you just have to press a button and start talking to Ili. When you release the button, it translates the whole wordings through a microphone which is four times louder than the speaker on our mobile phones.

Currently, Ili does English, Japanese and Chinese conversations but the second generation model will come with French, Thai and Korean and the third version will deliver Spanish, Italian and Arabic options. The pricings of the gadget are yet to be disclosed.

This gadget seems to be the coolest one among the online translator apps. If it does work as aimed, however, it could be an essential must-have gadget in the list of many of us and primarily the globe trotters.                

Meet Sony Xperia XZ a nice Sony Phablet

Sony Japan has its latest flagship mobile in its Sony Xperia series: Meet Sony Xperia XZ a nice Sony Phablet with all features and things which a modern smartphone must have:

Meet Sony Xperia XZ a nice Sony Phablet
Meet Sony Xperia XZ a nice Sony Phablet

Do a day Robots, Trans humans, Cyborgs, Artificial Intelligence will rule the Humans?

A day perhaps when Robots, Trans humans, Cyborgs, Artificial Intelligence will rule the Humans?

This is a truly controversial and scary question, whether machines will rule humans, can not say, future, who knows it, but yes, in a way machines are overpowering human emotions, every one is busy now with smart cellphones, tablets or gadgets, playing with data, so that way technology already rules us simply we have become the zombies? It would be interesting to see if machines could replace the human emotions ... What you say? ... view this interesting Youtube tech video from my YouTube channel, enjoy ...

USA: Exchange your Samsung Galaxy Note 7, No Obligation

In USA: Exchange your Samsung Galaxy Note 7, No Obligation

Have you heard or experienced that Samsung flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 7 exploded at many locations worldwide? It is the time when rival Apple iPhone 7 is just about to launch next week, 

Well, Samsung Electronics Inc. America had started recalling Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phablet, if you are a victim, you may go for an exchange, 

USA: Exchange your Samsung Galaxy Note 7, No Obligation
USA: Exchange your Samsung Galaxy Note 7, No Obligation
This Image courtesy: Samsung spills the details of its Note 7 exchange program in US

Reliance Jio 4G: India calls free, free sms, free roaming, free STD

One of the biggest telecom player in India: Reliance JIO of Mukesh Ambani has launched its services in India, connecting India with ultra cheap 4G data, unlimited free voice calling, free sms, free STD calls and free roaming, it's a cool preposition and will initiate a price war in Indian telecom scene, 

Watch this video and enjoy data which precedes of voice calls now, era of voice is eclipsed by data regime : )

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Do you think that UN will take over "The Internet" - We think NO, find the truth in this video

Do you think that UN will take over "The Internet" - We think NO, find the truth in this video

Would internet communication be controlled, or it should be censored, what you think, this is a powerful medium and freedom of speech, would you like if press / Internet would be restricted or curb ever? 

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Google Android Nougat Launcher OS: How to Install it on any Smart Cellphone or gadget?

Google Android Nougat Launcher OS: How to Install it on any Smart Cellphone or gadget? 

Google Android latest version till today is Android Nougat, do you wish to install it on your cellphones, gadgets, if yes, learn and share this, 

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Smartphones, Phablets, Tablets may convert Innocents into Zombies! How could we save them?

Smartphones, Phablets, Tablets may convert Innocents into Zombies! How could we save them?

This digital age is good, promising but has many limitations like one can get addicted, he/she could be mere one of the zombies, look my YouTube video / vlog for more such interesting info, and share, spread the news ...

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Technology & Science struggles between Trans human, God, Robot, Cyborg, Artificial intelligence, DNA and Nano Technology

Technology & Science struggles between Trans human, God, Robot, Cyborg, Artificial intelligence, DNA and Nano Technology

My Youtube video Vlog throws a light on above interesting debate on Science and technology: Technology & Science struggles between Transhuman, God, Robot, Cyborg, Artificial intelligence, DNA and Nano Technology ... get immeresed, subscribe and spread ...

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Traditional Phone System and Small Business

Traditional Phone System and Small Business 

Traditional Phone System and Small Business
Traditional Phone System and Small Business

When your business is small, it is natural that you will try to reduce costs under different overhead. The same logic is applicable to your communication system as well. You may believe that the traditional business telephone systems are the best way by which you can communicate with your clients, suppliers and other stakeholders of your business. 

However, have you ever given it a thought that the traditional business telephone is not updated with modern technology and thus they are not designed in the way that can meet the need of present day users! Something that is considered by you as cheaper than the modern system of communication is actually costlier and can even lead to irreparable damage to your company’s image.

If you switch to a cloud based business telephone system, you will find that within no time you are overwhelmed by its amazing features. Connect with your employees located at different places, customers and remote employees through one connected system. You can customize the system as per your requirement and once installed manage it from anywhere.
Thus, when there are so many visible benefits of switching to the cloud based phone system, there is no harm in try it out. If your traditional thoughts are still holding you back from switching to the modern technology then these reasons should change your view.

Installation times
While installing a PBX (private branch exchange) you will just not need a lot of hardware and expert knowledge, but a couple of weeks too. Instead switching to the cloud based phone will take only few hours after you decide the number of IP phones required by your concern.

If you feel that you already have a PBX then why should you change? If you have plans for expansion then you must consider it. For adding new users or groups to your existing cloud based phone will take few hours while adding a PBX will take weeks. Decision is of course yours.

Single purpose
Communication even 10 years ago was receiving and making calls. It has changed a lot now. There are multitudes of alternative ways for communication and you need to give your customer almost all the options so that they can get in touch with you the way they like.
Traditional phones won’t allow you to integrate messaging, voicemail, call auto-recording, email notifications and others like the cloud based solutions. Do you prefer to live in primitive age of communication?

No flexibility or mobility
It is not possible for you to stay in your office for 24/7; neither can you carry the traditional phone along with you. However, it is important that your customers can contact you anytime they want. Different functions like department extensions, auto receptionist, employee routing will help you to be in touch with your customers whenever you want.  You will not miss a call whether you are working or sleeping. What else could you expect from communication system?

Quality and cost of calls
You may argue about the quality of the call of the traditional phone system is far better than the cloud based system call quality. This is a historic statement now as with increase in bandwidth of the internet connection the call quality has improved a lot over time.
The cost of using a cloud based phone system is much cheaper compared to traditional phone system. Apart from this if you consider the benefits that you derive from cloud based system, there is no doubt that this cost will be nothing.

Lack of integration
Now Bring Your own Device (BYOD) is becoming a norm where employees carry their own laptops and mobiles. It is necessary that you allow them to integrate with your system seamlessly. This is not possible in traditional phone system.

Control all calls to the office
If you have traditional phone system at your place, you will not able to call back those numbers which are being missed by you. Instead with a cloud system you can re-direct the calls to someone who can take action and not leave the customer disappointed.

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Smart Wallet informs you, if you forget it anywhere or if the cards in it are missing

Walli is a Smart futuristic, digitally connected wallet,  Bluetooth enabled Wallet, a new evolution or an innovation in wearable technology that not only protects your wallet from getting it lost but also notifies you if you leave it or forget it behind as well as informs you if any of the cards in the wallet is missing.


Smart Wallet informs you, if you forget it anywhere or if the cards in it are missing
Smart Wallet informs you, if you forget it anywhere or if the cards in it are missing
There are many who tend to forget their belongings no matter wherever they go, Hey! Too I am one of those :) when in hurry, we many a times keep forgetting our belongings like cell phones, keys, wallet, specs on the table or wherever we go like in a coffee lounge or in office or at home also.

For something so easily misplaced, a lost wallet can cause more hassles which aren’t much fun in anyone’s book.  Well, if you find yourself in this situation, then you should be looking at this interesting smart wallet. People behind Walli are aiming to save the forgetful folks from the hassles by giving their smartphones a slight push when the wallet or some cards in it are left behind or missing.

Working of Walli Smart Wallet
The smartphone and the Walli wallet are connected together by Bluetooth 4.0 and there is an app available for both iOS and Android which continuously monitors your wallet activity. It sends a display notification to the user’s phone as soon as it goes out of range. Also if the phone is misplaced but within 100ft, a double tap on the Walli wallet will cause the smartphone to start ringing even if it is on a silent mode.

According to the creators, Walli has a patent-pending technology called SecurePockets that keep track on the cards in wallet. They claimed that these pockets are smart enough and capable of sending a signal to the paired smartphone about the missing card after a certain amount of time rather than being instant. This is because we generally use the cards, may that be a credit card/ID for couple of minutes.

You can also set timer through the app after which the app will notify you about the missing card pocket. This is very useful at times of travel and makes sure you don’t forget your important cards/ID/Passport at a restaurant of during travel.

Connected  Wallets of our digital age

About the Walli Wallet
Walli is made from genuine leather and is dust-proof available in both black and blue colors. The wallet has six pockets and since it works on Bluetooth, there needs to be a battery. It runs on a coin cell battery so it won’t need charging, though the battery needs a replacement in every six months. It’s not only a wallet but you can also endorse the key finder, and a travel pouch that can easily handle the large documents like the passports.


Talk to Your Plants with the Help of Microsoft’s Research Project Florence

Microsoft’s Research Project Florence will allow you to talk to the plants in your garden, surprised? Remember Indian scientist JC Basu who told the world that plants have life, feelings and they can talk and listen too,

From centuries we have been hearing and reading that talking to plants or playing soothing music nearby the plants help to grow them better. Also gardeners have claimed the same and do believe that plants benefits from human conversations and react to their environment in a language of electrical impulses and chemicals.

Well, the question arises, whether there is a way that we humans and the plants could talk to one another? Big thanks to Project Florence, a project created by post-doc researcher at Microsoft, Helene Steiner, which allows you to chat with plants in their own unknown but native language.

Talk to Your Plants with the Help of Microsoft’s Research Project Florence
Talk to Your Plants with the Help of Microsoft’s Research Project Florence, Image courtesy 

Under the hood, Project Florence is a sensor-loaded plant capsule that is connected to a companion computer with which you can send messages to the plant, hang on! Project Florence makes the plants to reply your messages back again.

Check the real heck here:

To start communicating, you can type anything you like at the devices accompanying terminal. Then, a few things happen to that message at the same time. Initially, your message is mapped for a sentiment, whether it is positive or negative message? And after that the sentiment is translated into a Morse Code-like series of blinks. For instance, a very tender sentiment might appear as a long red blinks as red light causes a plant to flower.

There are sensors connected to the leaves, roots as well as in the soil and air too which will get a general gist of how plant is feeling. Are the leaves giving off any sensitive chemical? Does the soil seem to be dry? From those sensor readings, the plants make a positive or negative “response” to your sentiment. The plants reaction is translated into words we can understand and sent back to us as a response from the plant.

Speaking about the feelings of plants, the research Doc said, “We can almost create moods of the plant, and abstract the message that comes back. When I ask you as question and you are in a really good mood the response is probably better than you are tired. That’s why we thought natural language processing was a good way [to indicate the plant’s state].”

Meanwhile, Helene Steiner aims to continue to work closely with the Microsoft to further explore the core science behind this breakthrough technology.

Microsoft is also quite concerned about this idea of conversation between the humans and the plants. If you want to build more maintained agro systems and if you are interested in thinking about responsive environments, you could really think about bringing a natural environment into our technological world, rather than placing technology everywhere into our environment.

This breakthrough scientific discovery needs to be progressed and we are looking forward on this interesting project in coming years.


Wearable Fashion Tech - GER Mood-Sweater

The Mood-Sweater: Auto evince feelings with LED’s and body communication

At a Glance: The GER mood-sweater, that uses Galvanic Skin Response, will let the people know the feelings in your mind.

Ever wondered how can your clothes reveal the feelings or your mind states? Well, now nothing seems to be impossible in this speedy innovative tech field.

The wearable technologies these days are in transilience. The creative think tanks are introducing some new, more high-fashioned as well as interactive designs to be stable in the tech market.

Wearable Fashion Tech - GER Mood-Sweater
Wearable Fashion Tech - GER Mood-Sweater
Galvanic Extimacy Responder (GER) mood-sweater

The GER mood-sweater is one such breakthrough invention in the wearable tech field.  The mood-sweater automatically reads the human emotions and attempts to shed light on the inner feelings of the wearer. Developed by San Francisco design lab Sensoree, the mood sweater holds a special type of sensor known as Galvanic Extimacy Responder (GER).

Check the real heck here:

According to the Sensoree, the mood sweater makes the use of Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), the way in which the broadcasting of human skin changes in response to stimuli. The mood sweater has a series of LEDs embedded in fabric around the high collar that illuminate to exhibit the wearer’s emotional state.

The sensors are placed on the hands to read and interpret electric currents produced by the chemical action in the skin. These are connected along the semitransparent wires to a node inside the apparel, which automatically translates the readings into a specific colors created by the lights.

Wearable Fashion Tech - GER Mood-Sweater
Wearable Fashion Tech - GER Mood-Sweater
The wonderful part in this garment is the LED lights which glow according to the emotional states of the wearer. The white sweater glows red when the wearer feels anxious or in love, it turns blue to show calm and can change to magenta to show the excitement and glows yellow to show the happiness J

Is not that a wonderful technology? The various states of mind of a person would certainly be depicted and one could act accordingly as well!

Well, this technology would be an opportunity for the individuals who are effete to communicate their mood to show how they are feeling at that moment.

The Sensoree founder says:
This concept holds exciting promise for the future, as wearable clothing could be adapted for the personal healthcare arena”.
The personal technology is positively affecting many aspects of our lives, with the GER mood sweater wearable technology, it is easy to create sensitive, communicative technology that is visceral, responsive and enlightens the senses in the common person.



5 Ways Mobile VoIP Can Turn Your Business Around For Good!

5 Ways Mobile VoIP Can Turn Your Business Around For Good
5 Ways Mobile VoIP Can Turn Your Business Around For Good!
5 Ways Mobile VoIP Can Turn Your Business Around For Good!

Mobile phones have completely revolutionized the way we communicate and not only has it benefited individuals but also businesses. There is no doubt that it has brought about changes in the way business is conducted. Obviously, the change was positive as VoIP or internet telephony has introduced better ways to save money on communication. Technology still has more in store and now the recent trend is mobile VoIP.

What is mobile VoIP?

Simply, mobile VoIP is the integration of your mobile sets with any existing VoIP connection. It saves your mobile minutes. When you are traveling you can use the bandwidth of VoIP connection to take calls, make calls, use your browser, send messages and everything that you do with your mobile.

   However, different people conceive mobile VoIP in a different way and some of such definitions are:
  • Using business phone, Smartphone, or tablets as an extension of the office phone.
  • ·       Travelers use their laptop as soft-phone along with business phone system.
  • ·       Using wearable devices like smart watches for checking emails, mobile phone calls, web browsing and then integrating them with a business phone.
  • ·    For delivering business quality videos for streaming educational materials, video conferencing, and presentations HD video are built into mobile devices.

Thus, mobile VoIP lets you use your business phone through your mobile devices. Now, let’s find out how can they change businesses?

Merge your fixed and mobile communications

You may have both your mobile phone number and your desk phone number on your business card! Someone who is in a hurry and wants to contact you have to try out both the numbers to reach you if they do not know where you are at that moment! If they call at your mobile while you are available at desk, it uselessly will eat up the charge on your mobile phone. On the other hand, they have to make two calls if they call at the desk when you are out. Although trivial, but these are wastage of resources.

With basic mobile VoIP, you can make an arrangement that a call will ring both at your desk and mobile. So, one can reach you easily through a single call. It will speed up the way you get connected to people. This will be same for you when you need to reach any employees of your concern.

Use web activated and handset activated mobile VoIP

By using web activated mobile VoIP, you can use the website to call any number. You just need to add the phone number you want to call and dial. The website system will go to the nearest exchange to make a cheap connection between you and the person you are calling. It is a great way to communicate faster without increasing telephone bill.
Having a handset activated mobile gives you flexibility. Just check whether your mobile can download the client software. Once done you can use your mobile just like the desk telephone.

Integrate mobile VoIP for employees 

A great way by which mobile VoIP can change the way you do business is by integrating the system with your employees mobile too. First assess who all need mobile integration that will increase their productivity. Do they need only email and texting or real time videos too? After preparing the policies implement Mobile VoIP to get connected with your employees.

Send voice messages to lot of people at once

With Mobile VoIP, you can get connected and send voice messages to all your mobile VoIP integrated employees at once. It saves a lot of your valuable time that can be utilized in some other fruitful work.

Talk to Chinese client without knowing Chinese

Yes, this facility of mobile VoIP will save your resources and energy. Just by calling JAJAH number in China, you can translate your phrases said in English to Chinese. Your companion in China along with a handset given by you can hear what you say in mandarin Chinese. It will cost you just the price of JAJAH VoIP call and you can save at least 5 years of time that you have to spend for learning Chinese!

About The Author

Michelle Patterson is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people.

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