Top 8 reasons why you should switch to an IP-PBX system

Top 10 reasons why you should switch to an IP-PBX-VoIP system
Top 8 reasons why you should switch to an IP-PBX system
Several IT decision makers of the company would like to eagerly learn about the reasons for making a switch to the IP-PBX system. In this post, we are going to take deeper look at the most obvious reasons needed to make a shift to the latest IP-PBX system:

Reason#1: Installation as well as maintenance is extremely easy
The IP-PBX is nothing but a software that is installed on a computer connected to the network, which makes it easier for the software to leverage the computer’s processing power. You will just need an IT professional who has proficiency in basic computer networking to install as well as maintain an IP-PBX system.  On the other hand when you are using a proprietary system, you will have to appoint a technician trained for that particular system only.

Reason#2: Easy management because of the GUI/web based interface
The latest IP-PBX systems come equipped with a web based management or configuration interfaces. These interfaces make it extremely easy to manage the system. However, if you are using the proprietary systems, you must already be aware of the complex interfaces they use.

Reason#3: Substantial cost savings while tagging with the VoIP services
The IP-PBX system facilitates the use of VoIP services to make international or long distance calls. Phone systems between the branch offices can be easily connected for making free calls. You will be able to realize huge savings by tagging the IP-PBX with VoIP services.

Reason#4: Wiring will be history
Switching to the IP phone system gives you the opportunity to directly connect the phones to the computer network port. The softphones can be directly installed on the PC or laptop, which leads to minimum or no wiring. You will be able to eliminate wiring completely, which in turn would make it easier while shifting office.

Reason#5: Remove any forms of vendor lock in
The IP-PBX systems are based on the open SIP standard, which gives you the opportunity to use any SIP hardware or software with any type of SIP-based IP-PBX, VoIP provider or PSTN Gateway. On the other hand when you are using a proprietary phone system, you will have to use the related hardware to avail the advanced telephony features.

Reason#6: Highly scalable
Proprietary systems fail to cope up with the growing communication needs of a company and thus adding of extensions and phone lines will need more investment. However, when you are using IP-PBX, you can easily scale up the number of phone lines and extensions without investing too much on the hardware.

Reason#7: Superior customer service and higher productivity
You will be able to enhance the customer service by quite a few notches and at the same time experience better productivity. The IP-PBX phone systems are computer based so you will be able to integrate the business applications with the phone functions.

Reason#8: Higher features at lower price
Enhancement and addition of new features to the existing IP-PBX system is extremely easy as it is software based. Thus, you will be able to avail higher features at inexpensive rates.

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