How to free international phone calls to Cuba?

A phone call to Cuba may cost you a fat bill, costlier than a Havana cigar and enough to stop you calling Cuba very frequently,

Try FREE calls to anywhere in the world:

or get 15 minutes to call Cuba phones for $5 only here at:

Please do not make any sacrifice to call your family or friends in Cuba, this is very cheap in the age of telecommunication and VoIP or data calling, now, the main reason that calls to Cuba are expensive are because of less competition on this very calling termination zone, and this does not matter that you are calling Cuba from US, CANADA or UK, distance rarely matters here,
How to free international phone calls to Cuba?
How to free international phone calls to Cuba?
Rebtel of Sweden is second largest mobile VoIP provider in the world which provides proudly the cheapest phone calls to Cuba, you may even try calls to Cuba for free and if like buy some calling minutes and make low cost calls to Cuba from any phone, from anywhere in the world, anytime, happy calling, it’s the world of Hola (Hello)!


Llama a Cuba - 37.5 cents

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