Who will test drive Apple Watch, sitting on an armchair, in your browser?

They say that wearable computing gadget i.e. Apple’s watch is coming this March, just anxious? but we have to wait,  patience is the keyword for now!


Apple watch, smart wearable computer
Apple smart i-watch, a wearable computing gadget
Wearable computing is the latest gadget trend in the disruptive technology drive, Google glass, smart watches and much more are coming to the planet Earth, one by one …

… anyways we can though ‘test drive’ Apple iwatch in the browser and paint a smile at-least for the time being until watch-computer arrives from Apple Inc.


In the demo mode you can test drive many aspects like, ‘pipes’, push notifications, add a logo on the watch and such … much more, just go and drive into the future of wearable computing!!!

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