Put your phone system in the cloud

How to put my phone system on the digital cloud?
How to put my phone system on the digital cloud?
The rage about cloud phones does not seem to cease as more and more companies are opting to put their phones in the cloud. Cloud telephone systems are different from the traditional telephone systems because these are hosted in the cloud. This implies that the data pertaining to the telephone systems are stored in a secure server, which can be reached only through the Internet. Third party providers host the telephone systems on behalf of their customers. 

Cloud telephone is essentially an IP/digital telephone system where the entire infrastructure including the hardware and software are maintained by the service providing company.  Thus it is less expensive and easy to operate. All this eventually leads to effective and efficient business communication making your organization more productive.

Why should businesses opt for cloud based telephone systems?

·         Great savings on communication expenses: The cloud based telephone systems are far less expensive than their on-premise PBX counterparts. The entire set up is maintained by the cloud phone service providing company, thus cutting down on infrastructural costs by a huge margin. Even the smaller businesses can afford the high-end cloud telephone systems. 
·         Easy to set up cloud phone systems: If you already have a communication network at office then connecting it with the cloud phone service is really easy. You will never have to worry about things such as rerouting making the set up process easier and faster.
·         Saves a lot of time: The set up and maintenance of traditional phone systems for offices is a time consuming affair. All this can be skipped for the cloud telephone systems, which would eventually lead to saving of a lot of time.
·         Mobility and remote capabilities: The cloud business phone system can be hooked to a mobile phone from anywhere around the world, which enhances mobility at workplaces. Even the remote workers will be able to log in to the centralized communication system and carry out their business communication operations.
·         Advanced telephony features: The cloud-based business phone systems come loaded with several advanced telephony features, which includes addition of multiple extensions, voicemail, call forwarding, message management and several other telephony options.

Features for effective and easier business communication:

·        Call forwarding:  Cloud telephony enables easy and efficient call forwarding of the calls to your customer service department, development team, support team and even remote site locations.
·         Voicemail: The cloud telephone systems use the latest technology that facilitates reading of voicemail online, setting up of multiple voicemails and even recording the users own voicemail.
·         Message Management: Managing your messages is extremely easy in the cloud telephone systems because you will be able to manage voicemails, messages and several other features with a single click.
·         A wide range of phone options: Cloud telephone systems can be connected with several phone systems like your traditional phones at office, cell phones and even smart phones.

How is it beneficial for the smaller businesses?
Small businesses can immensely benefit from cloud phone systems and here is how:

The toll free number at your office can work perfectly in tandem with your voicemail, extensions and call forwarding. All this helps your company to create a professional image in the minds of your callers and customers. Your business will never appear to be small to anyone who calls up our office.

Smaller businesses always need smarter and affordable solutions to compete with the other bigger organizations in the market. Cloud telephone systems neither requires a fortune nor does it need a lot of time for set up making it the ideal choice for smaller companies.

Above all, the features offered by cloud telephone systems will lead to an efficient business communication system that results in higher productivity and greater profits.

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Michelle Patterson has been working with telecom companies for over 10 years, and is thrilled with the new IP/VoIP/Cloud Telephony and other systems flooding the market. She is learning as much as she can about IP Telephony, Cloud Telephony, VoIP, Unified Communications, etc.

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