Get Skype & Rebtel unlimited free calls to cell phones & landlines across the globe

I love to make free calls anywhere in the world, where I could, you also love freebies and free phone calls?

Sweden’s Rebtel is a mobile VoIP app (Android, Apple iOS etc,), make free calls to anywhere in the world and alwaysin between 52+ Rebtel Nations, no WIFI, no internet or 3G is ever needed, just use local minutes!

Get Skype & Rebtel unlimited free calls to cell phones & landlines across the globe
Get Skype & Rebtel unlimited free calls to cell phones & landlines across the globe
Skype VoIP free calls

You know, Skype is the biggest (in terms of registered users) free call provider (free calling minutes provider on this planet, they use p-2-p VoIP (voice over internet protocol) to make free or ultra low cost audio / video calling, face to face real time communication,

Get Skype & Rebtel unlimited free calls to cell phones & landlines across the globe
Get Skype & Rebtel unlimited free calls to cell phones & landlines across the globe
Do approx a month of free Skype calls (free Skype credit) to landlines or mobile phones anywhere in the world (your caller should have a phone only and he does not need to have WIFI or internet), here is the link:

Skype real time free audio translation

Now Skype has a technology that it could even translate the language in real time, like if your caller is Spanish and you never know Spanish, than Skype will turn Spanish audio into English or so, it is a real sci-fi fantasy and it work wonders!

Call US / Canada for free from India using free Skype call credit, here is the link:

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Put your phone system in the cloud

How to put my phone system on the digital cloud?
How to put my phone system on the digital cloud?
The rage about cloud phones does not seem to cease as more and more companies are opting to put their phones in the cloud. Cloud telephone systems are different from the traditional telephone systems because these are hosted in the cloud. This implies that the data pertaining to the telephone systems are stored in a secure server, which can be reached only through the Internet. Third party providers host the telephone systems on behalf of their customers. 

Cloud telephone is essentially an IP/digital telephone system where the entire infrastructure including the hardware and software are maintained by the service providing company.  Thus it is less expensive and easy to operate. All this eventually leads to effective and efficient business communication making your organization more productive.

Why should businesses opt for cloud based telephone systems?

·         Great savings on communication expenses: The cloud based telephone systems are far less expensive than their on-premise PBX counterparts. The entire set up is maintained by the cloud phone service providing company, thus cutting down on infrastructural costs by a huge margin. Even the smaller businesses can afford the high-end cloud telephone systems. 
·         Easy to set up cloud phone systems: If you already have a communication network at office then connecting it with the cloud phone service is really easy. You will never have to worry about things such as rerouting making the set up process easier and faster.
·         Saves a lot of time: The set up and maintenance of traditional phone systems for offices is a time consuming affair. All this can be skipped for the cloud telephone systems, which would eventually lead to saving of a lot of time.
·         Mobility and remote capabilities: The cloud business phone system can be hooked to a mobile phone from anywhere around the world, which enhances mobility at workplaces. Even the remote workers will be able to log in to the centralized communication system and carry out their business communication operations.
·         Advanced telephony features: The cloud-based business phone systems come loaded with several advanced telephony features, which includes addition of multiple extensions, voicemail, call forwarding, message management and several other telephony options.

Features for effective and easier business communication:

·        Call forwarding:  Cloud telephony enables easy and efficient call forwarding of the calls to your customer service department, development team, support team and even remote site locations.
·         Voicemail: The cloud telephone systems use the latest technology that facilitates reading of voicemail online, setting up of multiple voicemails and even recording the users own voicemail.
·         Message Management: Managing your messages is extremely easy in the cloud telephone systems because you will be able to manage voicemails, messages and several other features with a single click.
·         A wide range of phone options: Cloud telephone systems can be connected with several phone systems like your traditional phones at office, cell phones and even smart phones.

How is it beneficial for the smaller businesses?
Small businesses can immensely benefit from cloud phone systems and here is how:

The toll free number at your office can work perfectly in tandem with your voicemail, extensions and call forwarding. All this helps your company to create a professional image in the minds of your callers and customers. Your business will never appear to be small to anyone who calls up our office.

Smaller businesses always need smarter and affordable solutions to compete with the other bigger organizations in the market. Cloud telephone systems neither requires a fortune nor does it need a lot of time for set up making it the ideal choice for smaller companies.

Above all, the features offered by cloud telephone systems will lead to an efficient business communication system that results in higher productivity and greater profits.

About the Author

Michelle Patterson has been working with telecom companies for over 10 years, and is thrilled with the new IP/VoIP/Cloud Telephony and other systems flooding the market. She is learning as much as she can about IP Telephony, Cloud Telephony, VoIP, Unified Communications, etc.

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Unlimited free phone calls from US to UK, UK to US, Canada, China, Spain, France, Bahrain and between 50+ nations

Unlimited free phone calls from US to UK, UK to US, Canada, China, Spain, France, Bahrain, Australia, NZ, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, South Africa, Sweden

Do you know Rebtel VoIP app for mobiles and landlines is a wonder app, using this mobile VoiP and landline VoIP you can call 50+ countries free international calls, only on the rate of a local call or even absolutely free if the call is from Rebtel app to Rebtel app,
Unlimited free phone calls from US to UK, UK to US, Canada, China, Spain, France, Bahrain and between 50+ nations
Free Calling Rebtel countries:
If the call is don’t in between these 50+ countries you may use your calling local minutes and international leg will be free by Rebtel software, even you do not need internet, 3G, WIFI, 4G etc. local number calling works in-between these 50+ countries to make unlimited free calls always, anytime anywhere, no restrictions, no fine prints,

Rebtel technology is similar to Skype and it works wonderful on mobile devices as well as landlines, they also offer very cheap or low cost calls to the rest of the world, just try them for free, if you like it, than buy some minutes to call the world using cheap calls, but remember the 50+ countries are always on your free calling minutes that is even without 3G, WIFI, mobile broadband or internet, no obligation,

Rebtel is a Sweden based very honest telecom company of our e-age with latest VoIP and other No calls drop etc. technology, so try it now and recommend it to yours!

Call Cameroon for free and get cheap call minutes

Central African nation Cameroon, could be reached via free and low cost calling (calling code +237) over any mobile or landline phones from anywhere using Swedens' very nice and popular Rebtel VoIP (its like Skype and cheper than it)for mobile and land line phones:

Call Cameroon for free and get cheap call minutes
Call Cameroon for free and get cheap call minutes 
Cameroon is a country of nature since Neolithic civilization, it was under French territory earlier and has a rich culture and history, 

Try free calls to Cameroon or anywhere in the world here 

Watch Telecom penetration in African nation of Cameroon:

Get cheap calling minutes and calls to Cameroon just for US$10: check this below!



Maths: Mobile App solves Algebra equations step-by-step, accurately

Maths or math is tough for many of us and also is fun for us, cracking problems, finding solution, and all is the biggest herculean task at least for me, I hate maths, I love solutions and shortcuts!

Algebra is an Arabic world, and is a branch of maths, it let us stumble with liner and such equations, which we have to solve in the form of X,Y,Z etc,

Well, here is an app MATHPAPA which solves mathematical or Algebra equations step-by-step without any mistakes or any thinking,

Related: How Google cracks math equations/graphics better than you!?

… you know machines or apps do not think, they do not have biological brain, instead they are software programme with logic and do not do any mistake unless there is any programming or coding glitch itself in that software or machine!

Maths: Mobile App solves Algebra equations step-by-step, accurately
Maths: Mobile App solves Algebra equations step-by-step, accurately
Try MATHPAPA algebra app to crack the algebra equation and find, if this is useful for you, spread the word, to the world of internet, social networks and offline world, best wishes and good luck!

How to solve maths equations using camera of your mobile phone?


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Who will test drive Apple Watch, sitting on an armchair, in your browser?

They say that wearable computing gadget i.e. Apple’s watch is coming this March, just anxious? but we have to wait,  patience is the keyword for now!

Apple watch, smart wearable computer
Apple smart i-watch, a wearable computing gadget
Wearable computing is the latest gadget trend in the disruptive technology drive, Google glass, smart watches and much more are coming to the planet Earth, one by one …

… anyways we can though ‘test drive’ Apple iwatch in the browser and paint a smile at-least for the time being until watch-computer arrives from Apple Inc.

In the demo mode you can test drive many aspects like, ‘pipes’, push notifications, add a logo on the watch and such … much more, just go and drive into the future of wearable computing!!!

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What is TOR or The Onion Routing? How it works to communicate anonymously?

What is TOR or Onion routing (a free privacy tool online)?

The popular web encyclopedia, the Wikipedia describes, the onion routing or TOR as a technique to communicate privately or anonymously, without getting snooped, over a computer network,

The messages are encapsulated in the layers of encryption like the layers of an onion (vegetable) in an onion network or TOR!

Wikipedia explains: 
Onion routing was developed in the mid-1990s at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory by employees Paul Syverson, Michael Reed, and David Goldschlag to protect U.S. intelligence communications online.It was further developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and patented by the Navy in 1998.”

So what the heck TOR is?

TOR is a package of software and a network which eventually helps a netizen to use the internet on an anonymous mode, it could hide many things to get you tracked online, like the source, the destination of your traffic online, this TOR is in development for a long period and now is mature enough and able in its existence, it is free and people says this is one of the

What is TOR or The Onion Routing? How it works to communicate anonymously?
What is TOR or The Onion Routing? How it works to communicate anonymously? image source

What is TOR or The Onion Routing? How it works to communicate anonymously?What is TOR or The Onion Routing? How it works to communicate anonymously? 
image source
How should I use Tor?

Well, start with TOR browser bundle, and get running, its easy, this is the version of browser Firefox, and this comes pre-configured to use with TOR!

Interestingly some says that Tor could circumvent government censorship of the web pages you visit : ) it masks or hide your identity during international demonstration etc and a nice tool for journalists and leaders, citizen journalists etc. around the world!

Tor will help you to hide your online identity, fingerprints or footmarks as well as IP address,

TOR is also used in the nations where free internet is banned, blocked or so, than people may use Tor to access the open internet which would be uncensored web for them,

Tor is simply an enemy for the eavesdroppers or web spy-s,

Unfortunately the TOR recently has been on the hack-list of hackers! 

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Are you losing money by not using business phones?

If you're a business owner, you're concerned about your bottom line, aren't you?

Especially if you're the owner of a small-to-medium enterprise, you're watching every dime, or you're looking to make the most of every dollar you spend.

Unified communications, SIP, VOIP Calling
Are you losing money by not using business phones?
And as a savvy business owner, you know that up-to-date communications is a cornerstone of how business is done today. Consider the way the market is — consider globalization, the fact that some of your customers and clients might be half a world away — doesn't it make sense to make the most of your communications dollar?
It's hard to take advantage of that if you're still tied to a Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). If you're still using copper wires connected to a telephone company, you're paying more for long distance calling, and you're choking on exorbitant international calling bills every month.

Not only that, but your under powered network will only take you so far. It will give you voice service, to be sure. It will give you limited data service, in the form of DSL communications (assuming the other end is similarly equipped). It will give you fax capability. And it will give you limited video capability — and in this case I mean small and stutter-y.

Is that how you want your business to be represented in the year 2015? Perhaps if you're selling spinning wheels or vintage clothing, it doesn't really matter. But if you want to be seen as a modern, sophisticated business tycoon, you need to step up your communications game and get into the world of VoIP.

What is VoIP? The acronym stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and what it means is major cost savings for you as a business owner. It also means much greater flexibility for you and your employees, as they will no longer be chained to their desks. It enables much richer connections between your employees as well as with your clients, and it offers many other wonderful convenience features, such as an auto-attendant. This module will answer the phone for you, greet the caller, and then allow them to dial what extension or department they want. It will allow you to cut a little overhead by getting rid of that receptionist that wasn't doing anything but reading magazines all day anyway.

Another thing to investigate as you're entering the modern world of communications is SIP trunking. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, which is a standard protocol for starting a logical user session that contains user elements like virtual reality, gaming, voice, chat, and/or video. It combines these data streams on the same line using IP communications, obviating the need for a separate line for each. Centralized SIP trunking makes an IP-based communications system more secure.

One other prime benefit that you'll gain access to when you start using proper business phones is UC, or Unified Communications. This is another suite of tools that has been developed which has the overall effect of helping communications to be more intuitive, richer, and by and large simply easier.

UC makes contact management so much easier, since it consolidates all of your contacts across all of your devices. No more deleting of duplicates, or messy merging, wondering if you've gotten everything in its proper spot.

Remote Access is another benefit that UC offers, meaning that it will ring a person's desk first, then after a predetermined number of unanswered rings, it will start to ring their home phone. After that it will ring their mobile, and only after that doesn't pick up will it go to voice mail.

One more benefit that you can get from UC is that it enables easier access to company resources and experts. If an employee has a question about a process, and can simply access the company wiki from wherever they happen to be, then that's a godsend for that person. Same goes for any experts that your enterprise might happen to have on a retainer.

There are many other benefits that UC offers — I simply don't have the room to talk about them all here. If you're not using business phones already, then you really owe it to yourself to check them out and give them a try.

Author Bio
Michelle Patterson is nice to be with the new technologies which are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people. 

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How to turn any GSM phone call into a data call (VoIP)?

How to turn any GSM phone call or SIM into a data call (VoIP)?
How to turn any GSM phone call or SIM into a data call (VoIP)?
Strone is an Australian start-up which promises to reduce your international phone calls roaming charges by converting any GSM call into the data or internet VoIP Call,

Recently they showed up their telecom product at CES (consumer electronic show) 2015, held in Las Vegas, the USA,

To use STRONE, you do not have to change your SIM card or cell phone number or so, just slide your SIM into the STRONE device and you are done to roam the world internationally, all of your GSM (2G, 3G, 4G) calls will get converted into the internet calls by Strone wonder device, it will come around $125 when launched, and a monthly charge of $10 or so have to be bearded by the consumer,

Strone says that this GSM toVOIP gadget will reduce heavy international roaming significantly and the consumer has the power to use his own phone number on a VoIP line unlike other VoIP call providers! You should of course have access to internet to use this VoIP device and only subscription fees per month have to pay unlike hefty international roaming charges per minute!

How Strone GSM to VoIP device works?
How to turn any GSM phone call or SIM into a data call (VoIP)?
How to turn any GSM phone call or SIM into a data call (VoIP)?

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