Beware of video conferencing vulnerabilities

Beware of video conferencing vulnerabilities
 Video conferencing is one of the most widely used tools for conducting conferences and meetings. You can initiate or take part in a video conference with anyone at any point in time and too from any location around the world. This is a great collaboration tool that saves time and money which other would have been spent on travels. However, the biggest benefit of videoconferencing is that it facilitates effective employee collaboration and helps them stay connected on a regular basis.

Security Concerns
Recently videoconferencing has been marred with some security issues which led to immense losses for some business. The same can pose a threat to your business as well if you have been using videoconferencing on a regular basis. The latest videoconferencing solutions use the internet and this makes it highly vulnerable to eavesdropping. The confidential conversations of your company can be leaked by the eavesdroppers if they are able to get access to the secured network. 

As mentioned earlier, the latest videoconferencing solutions operate over the internet and the eavesdroppers can get access to your secured network. The bad guys can actually make life really difficult for the business houses if they are able to secure access to your network by using the holes in the videoconferencing system. The breach will not only allow the eavesdroppers heart the confidential conversations but also answer calls. The videoconferencing solutions that do not use a firewall protection can be easily accessed by the hackers.

The threat becomes even more critical when the hackers are able to gain access to conference rooms of the companies that work with sensitive data, which might include anything from legal documents to health records. A few of such network breaches allowed the hackers to use the IP cameras and zoom in on the sensitive documents and even capture the keystrokes when participants typed passwords.

Videoconferencing systems can be vulnerable to some other forms of attacks wherein the hackers can disrupt important meetings by getting into the middle of conversations or completely disconnecting some of the participants in a conference. The hackers can even redirect the network traffic to pass through their computers and create a lot of problems for the concerned companies.

Less Risks with Secured Network
If you have an intranet setting for installing your videoconferencing system then the risks are much lower for your organization. You will be using the secured network of your company instead of the internet to connect to the different buildings of your company or branch offices at other locations. Hackers seldom find their way into secured internal company networks as it is tougher to breach the security. However, if you are using third party videoconferencing solutions then the traffic would be transmitted over the internet making it vulnerable to security threats. You can overcome this problem by beefing up the internet security and giving core network access to only reliable employees.

Two Pronged Protection
There is a two pronged approach to making your videoconferencing sessions safe – create a secured network for the videoconferencing system to work on and choose a solution that uses the updated digital certificates and standard encryption. This will eventually help the videoconferencing solution to securely connect with your network. It is also important that you use a robust network firewall which can filter and keep an eye on the unwanted traffic.  In case the videoconferencing solution used by your organization does not require a password for connecting then it is important that you disable it immediately. You will need to make it really difficult for the hackers to gain access to your network and this can be achieved when you carry out network audits from time to time. Regular firewall and network updates are a must if you want to keep eavesdroppers at bay and make optimum use of your videoconferencing solution.

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