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There are some very unpopular words among working people. One of them is certainly the “deadline”. When the time comes to quickly wrap up projects, there’s nothing like productivity tools to help us finish everything by this dreaded deadline.

One of the tools that belong in this group is a PDF converter. A comprehensive PDF conversion tool helps its users in many ways. It helps speed up the process of converting PDF data into editable formats, so that users can edit, process and analyze them. It also allows people to quickly save their project to PDF and then password protects it. That’s the safest and professional way to send a completed project to people who are expecting it.

Able2Extract PDF Converter is an example of a tool that’s good to have for any project that involves working with digital files. It includes all main PDF manipulation features and, most importantly, it is created for all computer users, from the most inept to very tech-savvy.

The three main features of Able2Extract are converting, creating and securing PDFs. Here’s a quick guide to using them:

1. Convert PDF to MS Office, OpenOffice, AutoCAD and more

First download Able2Extract and start the program.

Click on the Open button on the toolbar (check out the image below)

Go through your file folders and find a PDF that you want to convert to an editable format. Double-click on it and it will open in Able2Extract.   

Now click on either Select All (to select the whole document) or Select Area (to select only a part of the document with your mouse).

Convert PDF to MS Office, OpenOffice, AutoCAD and more

Next, convert the PDF to your desired format:

convert the PDF to your desired format

Whenever you are unsure about the next step, just follow the instructions in the balloons that the software provides. They clearly explain what to do.

2. Create a PDF from any printable document

Creating PDFs with Able2Extract is extremely easy and quick. It only requires two clicks.
Click on the Create button.

How to create a PDF from any printable document

Select a document from your file folders that you want to convert to PDF and double-click on it.

If you want to create a PDF from any printable file, without opening Able2Extract application, you can simply open your document and go to the Print option.

Create a PDF from any printable document

Choose Able2Extract from available virtual printers and click on Print above it. Your PDF will be created immediately.

3. Secure your PDF document

If you want to control whether people who receive your PDF file can print, copy and edit your document, you can secure it by adding passwords and file permissions to the PDF. Here’s how:

Open the document you want to protect and click on View, and then on PDF Creation Options:

Secure your PDF document

In the box that appears click on Security, and then mark the Secure PDF option:

Secure your PDF document

When you set a password for the Owner and User of the PDF, you’ll be able to check all file permissions that you want:

Secured app for PDF Manipulation

These are the basic functions of Able2Extract, but the tool offers many more options for PDF and file document manipulation. For example, users can customize their documents prior to conversion into an editable format (which significantly saves time for further file processing). They can also edit PDF pages and change their document information. Last but not least, people who are chasing after deadlines can have great use of Able2Extract’s batch conversion function, where they can open as many PDFs as they want and convert them all at once into their desired format.

To explore all these options, users can download the free trial version and use it for one week.

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