How M2M communication trends are transforming businesses?!

 The business world is changing at a rapid pace and within a few years we can expect to see billions of new devices attached to the Internet. All these changes will be aimed at making the Internet efficient and smarter. M2M as well as the Internet of Things are two of the most rapidly growing phenomenon on the Internet and they are both going to enable us do things in a completely new way. Here is a list of the most popular MRM trends that is transforming businesses all over the world:

Smart Metering
As a huge technological advancement that is largely going to impact the energy infrastructure, smart metering systems are being installed all over the world. UK is the first company to have taken the giant leap and is aggressively pursuing the consolidation of smart metering. The consumers as well as the government are going to get a huge shot in the arm by opting for cleaner energy.

Connected Cars
Even the non-professional drivers around the world are going to be a part of the safety drive through the use of M2M technology. It is going to improve the efficiency as well as safety while enhancing the multimedia experience while driving the cars. Drivers are going to receive information related to alerts, traffic and even the restaurants that they would like to drive to. The car’s navigator is going to be fed with the all the information and it would be displayed to the drivers on a real time basis. In the event of an accident or breakdown, alerts along with the car’s position will be sent to the nearest authority. As of now this facility is available with the top models only but the day is not far when it would be made mandatory for cars of all categories.

Extension of Transport Management
Extension of transport management with the help of M2M technology has been made possible. Now, it is possible to connect the vehicles with applications that collect the data from vehicles (distance, braking, acceleration, type of road etc) and feed them to a centralized system. The real time data can be used to enhance the service. The owners will be able to manage their fleet in a better manner and save on their operating costs. The vehicle companies that are in need of asset tracking are the biggest beneficiaries of this technology.

Consumer electronics being extended to everyone
Even a few years back, M2M was being seen as a technology that could only benefit the public organizations or businesses. However, this perception has been changed with various smart devices being extend for general use to the public. For instance, if you wish to track your fitness levels then you can use gadgets that would store all vital data pertaining to your health and in case of any abnormalities send alert to your doctor and concerned individuals. New devices are being developed and introduced in the market that would do a world of good to the consumers.  

Insurance Telematics
This is probably the best thing to have happened to the insurance sector in the last few years. Insurance Telematics facilitates the storage and flow of real time customer related information to the companies. The insurance companies are able to create better insurance premiums and the M2M sensors are used to monitor the driving parameters on a real time basis.  Thus, companies are able to check their operating costs and decrease frauds significantly. They will also be able to increase the loyalty while making competitive differentiation in the market.

Several other M2M communication trends are emerging in the market and all are targeted at making our businesses efficient and profitable in the long run.

About The Author

Michelle Patterson is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people.

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