Busting Cloud Myths

How cloud computing helps and how not?
Busting Cloud Computing Myths
Cloud computing is the latest flavor of the season and businesses, small or large are lapping up anything that is being served them in the name of cloud. Cloud telephony, cloud computing and various other cloud based services or applications are being dished out on a regular basis. Since the business environment is rapidly evolving due to technical advancements made in various fields, it has become really important to have a better insight at the downsides of ‘Cloud’. Cloud is fraught with various misconceptions and myths – we need to bust some of these in order to put the realities in perspective. 

In this article, we are going to drill deeper and bust some of the myths that are often associated with cloud. Here is a list of some of the myths that even the most well-informed user have believed:
·         Cloud helps companies save thousands of dollars: This is probably the first thought that crosses everyone’s mind when we utter the word Cloud. Cloud certainly helps organizations save but it actually leads to better IT and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Cloud provides the right king of financial elasticity by creating OPEX and CAPEX flexibility. The deployment model used by cloud is highly flexible and this in turn enhances scalability and agility. Cloud provides the right boost to help the business make progress. Research reveals that organizations which have already implemented cloud-based technologies witness faster ROI fueled by enhanced internal efficiencies and innovation.
·         Cloud has the power to change everything – Don’t you all think that we are expecting a bit too much from the cloud? Just because a solution is cloud-based should not imply that it is all powerful and will change the way you do business. Don’t overestimate the benefits of technology because migrating to the cloud is not your ultimate goal - technology should have a positive impact on your business. You need to analyze the benefits that other businesses have been able to realize. You can do your own research on the customer experiences of migrating to the cloud. This is certainly going to present the real picture.
·         There is only one Cloud – This is certainly not the case because there isn’t any One Big Cloud that holds all the applications and systems. In fact cloud is much more complex as there are many interconnected clouds that share and deploy resources accordingly.  There are many levels, providers and models involved in making the cloud and all the applications and systems are hosted on this complicated web of clouds. It is not mandatory that one cloud would suit every business, so it is important that businesses keep their options open when it comes to choosing a cloud-based application or system.
·         Security is a concern for the Cloud – This is not the case because majority of the security concerns on the cloud are based on fear and there is very little fact to support that. It has been observed that majority of the security breaches were because of physical activities and there are a very few security breaches involving cloud services as such. Cloud service providers spend huge amount of money on building their infrastructure and monitor the cloud for any potential security threats. Cloud service providers are trying to build the right talent pool to keep in sync with the latest security requirements.
·         Cloud and data centers are the same: Cloud is not limited to just cloud computing or data centers – it is much bigger. We always believed that the organizational activities are limited to data centre as well as virtualization infrastructure. However, it is all about synchronization of cloud services and infrastructure.

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Michelle Patterson is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people.

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