Viber has the free video calling now over iOS & Android

Viber VoIP app works in the UAE or not? is not a question here, but yes the video calls, free online video calling over VoIP is ready for the lovers of Viber app for Android and iOS :) 

You can now make free video calls over WIFI or 3G networks using Viber apart from doing regular free voice calling over VoIP!

Viber (Cyprus based and acquired by Japan's Rakuten) the free internet or data calling app works over various platforms like Apple iOS, Google Android, Samsung Bada, RIM Blackberry, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows phone 8. Nokia, even on your desktop etc.

Viber 5.0 also has introduces QR code scanning to ease you when you meet someone new :)

Viber has the free video calling now
Viber has the free video calling now
People says that this is a 'threat' to VoIP brand leader Skype, but internet calling is so huge that who cares for a challenge or such things, Skype is Skype and they are much and far ahead of ther any present or 'future' competitors! 



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