A pictorial voice messaging VoIP app: talk, share and communicate!

Talk & Share, is the best way to communicate with a team spirit! Best ways to use the voice communique to get the things done! Talko app

The Talko app is latest in the town, they say, they do, they talk, they collaborate, they share, therefore they are … the motto is use voice for communication, rather than chat, text or email etc. don’t be digital, you are a human!

Talko is for team communication and realizes on natural voice communication, they understand that human voice is the best form and clear cut explanatory system to make the things done for us, they believe in the philosophy of...

“Photos bring conversations to life. By tapping the camera to share as you talk, others will instantly see what you see.”

Designed by an ex Microsoft guy Ray Ozzie, simply he relies on cell phone, cloud computing, VoIP, hash tags, team work, human voice, calls and texting, social sharing, photos and blends them all to create a novel communication VoIP (voice over internet protocol) app or system TALKO, the perfect collaborative business communication system,

Pictorial voice messaging VoIP app: talk, share and communicate!
Pictorial voice messaging VoIP app: talk, share and communicate!
What Talko VoIP app exactly is?

The Talko Inc. right now has an iOS app for Apple devices (Android, desktop app etc are in the works right now) it enables the users to set up teams or contacts so they could be reached via live and asynchronous mix of phone calls, texts or recorded messages .. all a the part of same conversation or communication,

The team or contacts or participanmts are free to add photos / images and the tags for social searching, they can also archie

Called Talko Inc., the app is being released today for Apple Inc.’s iOS mobile software and lets users set up contacts or teams to reach via calls, recorded voice messages and texts - - as part of the same conversation. Participants can add images and tags for searching, and can archive streams of audio and texts for future listening.

So using Talko app you can pop up an image with your team, you can discuss and collaborate in real time with your colleagues using your voice calling, sms or can listen later by storing the conversation! You can share your voice on internet for permanent time in the annals of history, so it is searchable and durable during searches

It is also possible to shoot a snap during conversation, augment it during communication and discuss it : ) this is Talko

Talko is one of its kind only, this VoIP app blends the voice conversations and photos with text and voice messages.

When any user starts a Talko conversation with one or more people, the more or another users have the option of joining live in real-time. The entire chat gets recorded and saved with its attendant media.

Pictorial voice messaging VoIP app: talk, share and communicate!




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