Send a scent or aroma with your picture messages. How To?

How to send the virtual scent or fragrance attached with your actual picture messages?

Technology is charming, it's changing the human lives, we live, now a days we live for our cell phones and tablets rather than to use them, we don’t travel in its true spirit but only for our cell phone’s camera to capture crazy images, everywhere is video calling, Whatapps, Skype, Facetime etc taking many inches of our lives, each moment and we are happy in that, than no problems,

Oh ok I agree cell phone and internet has changed our life in a positive way, they are the best tech friends for us, but when we think they should be used with some limits!

aroma based cell phone and tablet messaging
Scent based cell phone messaging
Smell the technology wave

Anyways, messaging, IM or social messaging is the most popular way to communicate digitally now, many times I think and wish that there should be a way to send some aroma, scent of woman to my contacts like of tasty food, flowers or such, is it possible yes! Now you can attach AROMA or fragrance tags to your messages and can send that smell to your contacts over internet, technology is on a disrupting mode and has become totally insane : )

Texting with an embedded perfume smart tag to the photos:

Tag a scent or aroma with your picture messages. How To?
Tag a scent or aroma with your picture messages. How To?
The future of the technology is arriving very fast, now you not only can send a picture of Pizza but also its  aroma or scent could be sniffed and send, all this using mobile technology,

Harvard engineering’s David Edwards has devised an oPhone which can help to send or receive the images with embedded scent in it, this is for real and there are thousands of permutation and combination that you can attach of virtual fragrance with your images to send : ) unbelievable but true! Even they have a scent tagging iOS app to send lovely picture message soaked with perfume over internet using Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch etc.

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