How to do web surfing without WIFI or 3G, over SMS?

Q. I'm curious, could I use internet or surf websites over tablets or cell phones, using text messaging only? I don't have a 3G, 4G or WIFI network in vicinity?

Ans. Yes! You can surf world wide web using SMS and there is no need of any 3G, WIFI or data plan!

Well, the great technology has been evolved, The Cosmos Browser gives you web access over SMS and no need of WIFI or 3G or mobile broadband should be there, 

Use, Cosmos on Android, surf the web without 3G or WIFI,

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How this works, GigaOm explains:

"... you enter a web address which is sent to back-end servers through a text message. The servers strip out CSS and JavaScript from the content at that URL, compress the information and sends it back via SMS. The host app then decompresses the site info and renders the HTML ..." explains the internet browsing on cell phones using sms or text messaging browsing as:

"After a person inputs a url, our app texts our Twilio number which forwards the URL as a POST request to our Node.JS backend. The back-end takes the url, gets the HTML source of the website, minifies it, gets rid of the css, javascript, and images, GZIP compresses it, encodes it in Base64, and sends the data as a series of SMSes. The phone receives this stream at a rate of 3 messages per second, orders them, decompresses them, and displays the content."

How to do web surfing without WIFI or 3G, over SMS?

How to do web surfing without WIFI or 3G, over SMS?
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