A real-time, voice-to-text, cell phone VoIP app for deaf and hard of hearing to communicate!

Deaf people can now virtually 'hear' the cell phone conversation using an app, which in real-time, instantly transcribe or converts voice calling into texts or words readable on the cell phone screen, so deaf or hard of hearing can communicate effectively with anyone, anywhere,


Medicine and medical technology has not only increased the average age of the human being but also give us a meaningful life to live, like now blind people can see with Argus eye, and there are ways to map whole of the human anatomy, modern technology and gadgets are improving the life span to lead the life with dignity, 

The French start up Roger Voice has an Android app (iOS is coming late) for deaf people or who have hard of hearing, this app users' the caller can call in voice call and the receiver, who is deaf can read the real time transcribe or subtitles of voice call on his mobile phone's digital screen, so the conversation runs nice in real-time, instantly! This is a VoIP app, and is a KickStarter project right now!

A real-time, voice-to-text, cell phone app for deaf and hard hearing to communicate!
A real-time, voice-to-text, cell phone transcribe app for deaf and hard hearing to communicate!
The future technology has been arrived for the passionate and brave now, use it, only that much, what is your need of the time : )

Roger Voice - Independent phone technology for the hard of hearing from RogerVoice 






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