A real-time, voice-to-text, cell phone VoIP app for deaf and hard of hearing to communicate!

Deaf people can now virtually 'hear' the cell phone conversation using an app, which in real-time, instantly transcribe or converts voice calling into texts or words readable on the cell phone screen, so deaf or hard of hearing can communicate effectively with anyone, anywhere,


Medicine and medical technology has not only increased the average age of the human being but also give us a meaningful life to live, like now blind people can see with Argus eye, and there are ways to map whole of the human anatomy, modern technology and gadgets are improving the life span to lead the life with dignity, 

The French start up Roger Voice has an Android app (iOS is coming late) for deaf people or who have hard of hearing, this app users' the caller can call in voice call and the receiver, who is deaf can read the real time transcribe or subtitles of voice call on his mobile phone's digital screen, so the conversation runs nice in real-time, instantly! This is a VoIP app, and is a KickStarter project right now!

A real-time, voice-to-text, cell phone app for deaf and hard hearing to communicate!
A real-time, voice-to-text, cell phone transcribe app for deaf and hard hearing to communicate!
The future technology has been arrived for the passionate and brave now, use it, only that much, what is your need of the time : )

Roger Voice - Independent phone technology for the hard of hearing from RogerVoice 






GSM based Starter Interrupt car device jams wheels, on not paying car loan on time!

Think what will happen, when you have crossed the due date to pay your vehicle or car loan? The sky will not fall, I do agree, but what if suddenly your car or vehicle got engine failed or it get stopped suddenly and do not move ahead, there is no mechanic and you don't know the car engineering, anyways, do not panic, 

Automated auto loan recovery technology, no need of bouncer or a musclemen:

The STARTER INTERRUPT GSM device is an electronic keypad controller device, that jams the rolling car, which could be hidden in your car, if you do not pay car loan on the promised time, this technology uses wireless GSM and from a remote place your loan giver or lender could activate it and your vehicle will stop! What will you do?

The starter interrupt GSM device for car ensures the loan recovery or payment on the time, the technology is help to financial defaulters and not to punish them, but to help the lender!

But it could be fatal? suppose you are in a mid of high speed on the highway, and your lender presses the KILL BUTTON, what will happen, there should be some security for this for the point of view of the car owner!

Pay your debt always on the time or your car may ride you in the stream of troubles!, You know, big brother know and we know as well : ) Good Luck!



Forget Paypal or Dwolla: It’s Ripple Transaction Internet Protocol (RTXP) for instant global money transfers

Paypal.com or Dwolla.com are the easy, secure and instant online money transfer mechanism which let us send or receive funds via an email in ourPaypal or bank account via EFT, but people says it charges 3.25% plus some fixed charges which are big in this age of online world,

Well, a new internet protocol like http:// or https:// , Ripple Transaction Internet Protocol (RTXP) is on its way when people can send or receive funds using an email, instantly and securely very cheap!


Two banks from USA New Jersey-based Cross River Bank and Kansas-based CBW Banks are even ready to go with Ripple Transaction Internet Protocol (RTXP) to send or receive money out or in of physical international borders!

What is this Ripple Transaction Internet Protocol (RTXP)? How it works? Is this safe?

Forget Paypal or Dwolla: It’s Ripple Transaction Internet Protocol (RTXP) for instant global money transfers
Forget Paypal or Dwolla: It’s Ripple Transaction Internet Protocol (RTXP) for instant global money transfers
Ripple is an internet or IP protocol for a secured and instant online financial transaction, in the virtual world!

Who owns the Internet protocols?

RTXP or Ripple Transaction Internet Protocol is a set of rules for computers to communicate with each other like any internet protocol for making safe and instant fast funds transfer so the people could do online business with an ease,

The Internet protocols are owns by no one, they are created to be just a useful standard, so anyone can use them in their business or software!

The Ripple is NOT like the virtual digital currency like Bitcoins or such, they are just a financial internet protocol for global payments system connecting online world!





A pictorial voice messaging VoIP app: talk, share and communicate!

Talk & Share, is the best way to communicate with a team spirit! Best ways to use the voice communique to get the things done! Talko app

The Talko app is latest in the town, they say, they do, they talk, they collaborate, they share, therefore they are … the motto is use voice for communication, rather than chat, text or email etc. don’t be digital, you are a human!

Talko is for team communication and realizes on natural voice communication, they understand that human voice is the best form and clear cut explanatory system to make the things done for us, they believe in the philosophy of...

“Photos bring conversations to life. By tapping the camera to share as you talk, others will instantly see what you see.”

Designed by an ex Microsoft guy Ray Ozzie, simply he relies on cell phone, cloud computing, VoIP, hash tags, team work, human voice, calls and texting, social sharing, photos and blends them all to create a novel communication VoIP (voice over internet protocol) app or system TALKO, the perfect collaborative business communication system,

Pictorial voice messaging VoIP app: talk, share and communicate!
Pictorial voice messaging VoIP app: talk, share and communicate!
What Talko VoIP app exactly is?

The Talko Inc. right now has an iOS app for Apple devices (Android, desktop app etc are in the works right now) it enables the users to set up teams or contacts so they could be reached via live and asynchronous mix of phone calls, texts or recorded messages .. all a the part of same conversation or communication,

The team or contacts or participanmts are free to add photos / images and the tags for social searching, they can also archie

Called Talko Inc., the app is being released today for Apple Inc.’s iOS mobile software and lets users set up contacts or teams to reach via calls, recorded voice messages and texts - - as part of the same conversation. Participants can add images and tags for searching, and can archive streams of audio and texts for future listening.

So using Talko app you can pop up an image with your team, you can discuss and collaborate in real time with your colleagues using your voice calling, sms or can listen later by storing the conversation! You can share your voice on internet for permanent time in the annals of history, so it is searchable and durable during searches

It is also possible to shoot a snap during conversation, augment it during communication and discuss it : ) this is Talko

Talko is one of its kind only, this VoIP app blends the voice conversations and photos with text and voice messages.

When any user starts a Talko conversation with one or more people, the more or another users have the option of joining live in real-time. The entire chat gets recorded and saved with its attendant media.

Pictorial voice messaging VoIP app: talk, share and communicate!




Send a scent or aroma with your picture messages. How To?

How to send the virtual scent or fragrance attached with your actual picture messages?

Technology is charming, it's changing the human lives, we live, now a days we live for our cell phones and tablets rather than to use them, we don’t travel in its true spirit but only for our cell phone’s camera to capture crazy images, everywhere is video calling, Whatapps, Skype, Facetime etc taking many inches of our lives, each moment and we are happy in that, than no problems,

Oh ok I agree cell phone and internet has changed our life in a positive way, they are the best tech friends for us, but when we think they should be used with some limits!

aroma based cell phone and tablet messaging
Scent based cell phone messaging
Smell the technology wave

Anyways, messaging, IM or social messaging is the most popular way to communicate digitally now, many times I think and wish that there should be a way to send some aroma, scent of woman to my contacts like of tasty food, flowers or such, is it possible yes! Now you can attach AROMA or fragrance tags to your messages and can send that smell to your contacts over internet, technology is on a disrupting mode and has become totally insane : )

Texting with an embedded perfume smart tag to the photos:

Tag a scent or aroma with your picture messages. How To?
Tag a scent or aroma with your picture messages. How To?
The future of the technology is arriving very fast, now you not only can send a picture of Pizza but also its  aroma or scent could be sniffed and send, all this using mobile technology,

Harvard engineering’s David Edwards has devised an oPhone which can help to send or receive the images with embedded scent in it, this is for real and there are thousands of permutation and combination that you can attach of virtual fragrance with your images to send : ) unbelievable but true! Even they have a scent tagging iOS app to send lovely picture message soaked with perfume over internet using Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch etc.


How to do web surfing without WIFI or 3G, over SMS?

Q. I'm curious, could I use internet or surf websites over tablets or cell phones, using text messaging only? I don't have a 3G, 4G or WIFI network in vicinity?

Ans. Yes! You can surf world wide web using SMS and there is no need of any 3G, WIFI or data plan!

Well, the great technology has been evolved, The Cosmos Browser gives you web access over SMS and no need of WIFI or 3G or mobile broadband should be there, 

Use, Cosmos on Android, surf the web without 3G or WIFI,

... similar and may be of interest: Watch LIVE TV broadcast on cell phones & tablets in US, without 3G or WIFI


How this works, GigaOm explains:

"... you enter a web address which is sent to back-end servers through a text message. The servers strip out CSS and JavaScript from the content at that URL, compress the information and sends it back via SMS. The host app then decompresses the site info and renders the HTML ..."

https://github.com/ColdSauce/CosmosBrowserAndroid explains the internet browsing on cell phones using sms or text messaging browsing as:

"After a person inputs a url, our app texts our Twilio number which forwards the URL as a POST request to our Node.JS backend. The back-end takes the url, gets the HTML source of the website, minifies it, gets rid of the css, javascript, and images, GZIP compresses it, encodes it in Base64, and sends the data as a series of SMSes. The phone receives this stream at a rate of 3 messages per second, orders them, decompresses them, and displays the content."

How to do web surfing without WIFI or 3G, over SMS?

How to do web surfing without WIFI or 3G, over SMS?
Similar: Browse your body:

Viber has the free video calling now over iOS & Android

Viber VoIP app works in the UAE or not? is not a question here, but yes the video calls, free online video calling over VoIP is ready for the lovers of Viber app for Android and iOS :) 

You can now make free video calls over WIFI or 3G networks using Viber apart from doing regular free voice calling over VoIP!

Viber (Cyprus based and acquired by Japan's Rakuten) the free internet or data calling app works over various platforms like Apple iOS, Google Android, Samsung Bada, RIM Blackberry, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows phone 8. Nokia, even on your desktop etc.

Viber 5.0 also has introduces QR code scanning to ease you when you meet someone new :)

Viber has the free video calling now
Viber has the free video calling now
People says that this is a 'threat' to VoIP brand leader Skype, but internet calling is so huge that who cares for a challenge or such things, Skype is Skype and they are much and far ahead of ther any present or 'future' competitors! 



Skype, Viber VoIP are not blocked in UAE instead they don't have UAE licence!

Telecom regulatory authority or TRA in UAE has clarified its VoIP licencing and blocking issues of Viber, Skype VoIP apps to make free calls, 

TRA of UAE says, that these third party out of country apps viz Viber, Skype etc. are NOT being blocked or such, instead they have no regulatory licence to run the VoIP service in UAE or from UAE, so no question of being blocking is there, they are not authorized to function thus, 


Skype, Viber VoIP are not blocked in UAE instead they don't have UAE licence!
Skype, Viber VoIP are not blocked in UAE instead they don't have UAE licence! 
UAE TRA elaborates that the native telcos, the DU and Etisalat are the legal VoIP providers here only as they have the licence to run these service but Viber, Skype etc. dont have such licence and they are encrypted too : )


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