Smartphone App to help by listening Bipolar mental disorder and depression etc.

Bipolar disorder, bipolar affective disorder or manic disorder and depression whatever this may be known as a 'disease' of brain which makes a man mentally unhealthy, from time to time the mood swings here it may elevate or the guy may behave like a maniac, the depression may override with the persons normal routine and disrupt the things in a sad way ...

Well, in the age of technology and medical science the Bipolar Disorder could be treated effectively with such a nice medicines and now our technology has some useful apps too to check the depressive mental disease, 

A smartphone medical app - PRIORI APP- is too smart and it could virtually 'listen', using patient's voice, to the bipolar impulsive brain disorder effectively, the app still needs some testing,
Smartphone App to listen Bipolar mental disorder and depression
Smartphone App to listen Bipolar mental disorder and depression 
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