Get the secret to a shinier and brighter home - Smart gadgets to install

The Age of Jetson's secret to a shinier and brighter home - Smart gadgets to install

We all are used to living in a world where we keep upgrading our phones, TVs and computers but what about the boring technologies that are there around the house and that haven’t been changed for years? When did you last think of upgrading the tech gadgets at home in order to make it a smarter place to live?

Did you know that the wireless network is much more than just something that keeps you connected to the web? You can even use the wireless network to ensure that your home stays safe and also make sure that you have what you need to make breakfast in the morning.

Have a look at some of the increasingly popular electronic gadgets that you can update in your house in order to make it a smarter place to live in.

1.       Lockitron: Lockitron is a door-lock which can be connected by Wifi and it allows you to unlock the door of your house with the help of your smartphone. This lock costs around $180 and is simple to install and is compatible with any kind of smartphone and even the older phones through SMS message to lock and unlock your door on command. You will remain the admin and you will grant access to whoever you want and for a particular period of time. If you’re running late due to a meeting, you can give your neighbor a virtual key to take your dog out for a walk. Through an online log, you can see when the door is locked and when it is unlocked.

Get the secret to a shinier and brighter home - Smart gadgets to install

2. Dropcam Pro: This is a nifty gadget that costs $199 and is connected to the Wifi. This is a camera that can be used for anything from monitoring your baby and even as a home surveillance system. With Dropcam Pro, you can easily tune in to a live feed from the camera through your smartphone or PC from anywhere in the world. It carries a built-in speaker and microphone that allows you to communicate through the camera. The video is stored off-site in the cloud and therefore you can access it even when the camera is stolen in a burglary. This feature can dupe a few criminals.

Get the secret to a shinier and brighter home - Smart gadgets to install
3.   Belkin WeMo SwitchBelkin’s $49.99 WeMo switch has the ability to turn any outlet in your home into a “smart” outlet. The device just needs to be plugged in to a standard electrical outlet and allows you to control from any place in the planet through Belkin’s free WeMo app. You can use this particular app to turn on a light in your home when you’re not at home and you can also turn on a fan that is located throughout the room.
4.   Egg Minder: This is nothing but a connected home gadget for your refrigerator. This cost around $69.99 and it can keep track of the total number of eggs that you have in your refrigerator. This gadget will also send you push notifications when you’re running low on the number of eggs that you have.

Therefore, if you want to make your home a better and a smarter place to live in, you can install any or all of the above mentioned gadgets. Gadgets make your life much smoother and effortless and this is why the more are the number of gadgets in your life, the happier and stress-free you can be.

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