Threaded Group Chat on Cell Phones & Broadcast on Blogs apps: Mass Communication

If or when you have to mass communicate with a large group of people you should use some good digital voice messaging solutions having cool features like 

1. Quad app,
2. Croice Broadcast etc.,

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QUAD for large students group communication and like organizations:
Threaded Group Chat  on Cell phones app QUAD for Colleges, Clubs etc.
Threaded Group Chat  on Cell phones app QUAD for Colleges, Clubs etc.
Well, Quad is a free threaded group communication or mobile chat app which is fabricated to hold a large group of people to the strength of 500 people or so, so you can take your whole of the College to the storm or your Club etc. for your communication needs and deeds, 

You might be using Whatsapp, KIK, Group Me, Skype, Line, We Chat etc. popular IM or chat messaging app, but for a large gathering you should use QUAD for ease, comfort and a fruitful way of communication, 

download for Apple iOS or Android mobiles and tablets:

They say, 
"Quads can be public, private or completely hidden - you control who can enter the conversation. Public Quads are a great way to meet new people around: Use the nearby feature to find quads with individuals who share your interests, or create a quad of your own to find like-minded people in Quad. The private and hidden Quads are great for clubs and organizations to keep conversations closed and exclusive." 


Croice Broadcast / Podcast on Blogs or Websites:
App to broadcast your voice to your listeners
App to broadcast your voice to your listeners
Croice: CROWD + VOICE = CROICE, gives you a platform for making your own interactive TALK social radio station, you can start your own radio broadcast station and get your voice in the air in few minutes, presenting a cool broadcast to you audience, this is a complimentary or a free service, 

Start your own interactive audio stream:

Your broadcast audience can do a live IM with each other during the radio broadcast, thus your audience are with you as the participants and will bring you a long term and a fruitful relationship,

The other cool feature of this voice broadcast service for free, is that the hosts may arrange a live call during the broadcast, and share the ides about the show, 

The Bloggers can embed the URL or widget in their blog, or social networks to capture the audience attention, than listeners will tune-in to the voice station in-the-air-live- broadcasting, 

I think not a bad idea and could be given a try like Oprah Winfrey shows, so air your voice to the mass audience, after all you have to inculcate all of the power hidden in yourself of today's mass internet social media reach!



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