Design your Personal Browser with

MakeMyBrowser brings to you an unmatchable feature to have a personalized internet browser to surf like the Google chrome. You are required to follow a simple process in order to create your own personalized browser. MakeMyBrowser allows you to have your personal browser with chromium browser as its base.

Design your Personal Browser with
Design your Personal Browser with
Now you can have access to all your favorite sites and assemble all your accounts in one place. This will save a lot of your time and effort by not having to log into different sites individually.

With MakeMyBrowser you can create a browser for your users, in order to increase users’ engagement and have your site showing on your users’ bookmarks bar.

Sharing your favorite links and interests was always a hassle before, but with MakeMyBrowser, share all your favorite sites and links with your friends in just one click.

There is no difference between Google chrome and chromium browser, which is the base for MakeMyBrowser because both the browsers are based on chromium. They are bullet fast and work with the Chrome web store. While only one chrome browser can be installed on your PC, you can have multiple chromium browsers personalized to your own requirements.

Design your Personal Browser with
MakeMyBrowser supports all extensions, which are needed to support Google Chrome. Your system will not crash or slow down even if you create multiple browsers on a single computer. You can log into your browser with any Google account, save your bookmarks and passwords online to restore all your information if your system crashes or you lose your laptop.

Get on with creating your Own Browser; Be your own boss!

First, give name to your browser then put your favorite picture as an application icon and just click on the Next button.

Now, in step two you can choose your favorite bookmarks and select your homepage. Step up to setting your preferred theme in the next step.

Finally, now accept the terms and conditions, click on the finish and download tab to complete the process.

Click on the “EXE” file that you receive on completion of your download process and wait for the browser to set up in your system.

So, next time you log in, make sure that you log in from your own personal browser.

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