Private; Server / Cloud free; Encrypted-Secure IM (Chat) client by BitTorrent

It is said that BitTorrent (the presenters of p2p orpeer-to-peer data transfer protocol) is working on a private, secured, encrypted messaging client (IM or chat client) which would be cloud or server free, and will work in real-time, thus secured and really tough to snoop on, it would really be surveillance free!

Private; Server / Cloud free; Encrypted-Secure IM (Chat) client by BitTorrent
Private; Server / Cloud free; Encrypted-Secure IM (Chat) client by BitTorrent
 Distributed technology based secured IM app:

This secured server free chat client or chat app would be based on distributed technology. The messages in this technology are encrypted NOT stored on any servers or digital cloud so they would be safe from any possible data breaches; an user can send any number of messages without any problem, there would be no limits on this,

If you wish to join or help in this project you also can as this secured messenger platform is right now in an Alpha mode where BitTorrent invites all developers and such to help or develop the things with them,

NSA Proof and secured communication, hard to crack and it would be any surveillance free?!

The real purpose and intention behind the very project is to enhance the security, privacy of the individual online communications and to make it safe from any possible data theft, spying or snooping (like NSA, as it is said) or breaches,

BitTorrent may bring this secured messaging app for selected desktop as well as some leading cell phone operating systems, which are yet to be disclosed,

FYI: Also, Pirate Bay Co-Founder: Peter Sunde has an iOS and Android based mobile app known as project (a Swedish word which means ‘secret’), this is a crowd funded smart mobile messaging app. project will use end-to-end encryption and would ensure that your conversations are always secured and encrypted so no one could snoop, spy them or illegally wiretapp them, 

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