Google Chat (Google Talk & Hangout) are dancing crazy like nobody is watching?!

Seems that Google' chat services: Google Talk or G Talk and Google Hangout have gone out of control for some vivid users across the planet? People are saying that there is a glitch as when they send a message to intended recipient, it may go to some one else or go to intended recipient along with some unintended recipient, 

Google is the big Boss and knows this problem and is trying to get soon out of this, Twitter is Tweeting like always on this issue too : )

This is a serious privacy issue with Google talk services and people are worry of this, communication is vital, it could never be left in the lurch or to the Pigeons (though pigeons have delivered the mail always on the destination)!  

Google Chat (Google Talk & Hangout) behaving crazy?!
Google Chat (Google Talk & Hangout) behaving crazy?!
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