Get a Jolla Sailfish smart mobile in Finland; Android apps compatible

 Jolla-Sailfish smart mobile OS:

Hey do you use smart tablets, cell phones or phablets? Which mobile operating system (OS) do you use? Apple iOS; Google Android, Nokia's Symbian, Samsung Bada, Windows Phone, Linux based, Blackberry, Tizen, Ubuntu or any thing else,

This is the time to go for Finland based JOLLA-SAILFISH OS (open Sailfish OS based on MeeGo and Mer Core open source projects) based mobile phones,

The second Wave pre-orders are available in the land of Nokia, the Finland. You can make reserve your own at

Jolla-Sailfish smart mobile OS
 Jolla-Sailfish smart mobile OS
What is Jolla-Sailfish smart mobile OS, why this is good?
What is Finland based Jolla-Sailfish smart mobile OS?
What is Jolla-Sailfish smart mobile OS, why this is good?
Well, the Sailfish is Linux based smart cell phone OS, which is developed by Jolla, the Sailfish by Jolla is designed primarily for mobile phones but it would soon come to the other digital handheld devices soon,

Jolla-Sailfish is now Android apps compatible:

CNET says:
“Jolla's Sailfish OS adds Android compatibility: The company hopes to attract more hardware vendors since its mobile operating system can now run on any device that works with Android.” 
… Android apps will run smoothly on Sailfish OS too and no modification is needed.

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