Skype video cam chat: How to do with maintaining eye-to-eye contact?

Smart 'Gaze' over Skype VoIP: Look into the persons eye while talking him over on a video

We all love Skype, the unmatched and veteran in video conference calling, free international VoIP calls and mobile video calls, 

Well, we know we do video calls using Skype, but a small problem is that we could NOT maintain our eye contact with the caller or the person at the other end of Skype, while making video call, but now a software from Computer Graphics Lab, ETH Zurich tries to dilute this strange problem with its ever growing evolution and we can now make a video call and also could maintain out eye to eye contact, this makes our video call more human and personal, 

The eye effect in other persons eye place a confidence and effectiveness in the video communication over Skype, no doubt, 

Skype's new software for its video calls will 'correct' the 'gaze' of the people while on the video chat so they seems to chatting like they are sitting in the same room and talking while seeing in each other eyes.  

Till now the problem was that the callers see into the face of each others, instead of their web cams, now Skype (p2p: peer-to-peer) seems to overcome this lacuna and it 'rotates' the camera virtually that the callers seem to watch the web cam instead of each other's picture, 

Skype video cam chat: How to do with maintaining eye-to-eye contact?
Do Skype VoIP call, face-to-face; eye-to-eye! 

A Skype secret revealed here: Skype had confirmed that its 3D video calling is on the way and will come to you very soon,

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