Did Google granted ‘virtual’ de-jure / de-facto recognition to Palestine; Why Israel is shocked!?

Google.com, the one page website is so powerful and artificially intelligent that most countries either obey it like a friend or see it like a foe?! In this modern digital social networking culture, when the Facebook and Twitter are changing the definition of struggle and revolutions, the e-revolutions are changing the heads of nations like playing a game of Chess, example of revolution in Egypt … and Google has acquired the ‘power’ that the Governments trembles!

Virtual search engine, The Google, not only rules the internet but has become so powerful, like a country or a ‘State’, in international law, that even the most powerful of the nations in the actual world get ‘pathetic’ when they have to face or deny the Google’s decisions! …

Don’t’ be evil … its Google exosphere  it’s Google world and economy, after all, nothing is virtually possible now without ‘a Google’! Google rules - Google decides - Google presents - the most pin-point and accurate of its secretive algorithmic results and what it shows, what the world see,

Well, do you ever think why the most populous giants like China, India and many other nations ‘fears’ Google? Think so,

Why Google recognizes the phrase or word: ‘Palestine’ now instead of previously recognized ‘Palestine territories’?

Did Google granted ‘virtual’ de-jure / de-facto recognition to Palestine; Why Israel is shocked!?
Screen shot courtesy http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-22395494
Recently a new controversy popped up when Google renamed its Palestine search engine tagline from ‘PALESTINE TERRITORIES’ to ‘PALESTINE’; Israel is in shock and taking a strong exception of it,

Google says they have done no evil; the change of tagline from Palestine territories to Palestine is in accordance to international conventions and decisions like at UN etc.

… this all only shows how much strong is our beloved search engine Google has become that even a minute virtual tagline becomes takes the actual media and headlines when its Google : )



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