Learn How to Manage PDFs on Smartphones and Tablets

Manage PDFs on Smartphones and Smart Tablets 

Working on the go has become a customary thing these days with such high-performance mobile devices readily available that can perform just about any function that regular laptop or desktop computers can perform. Whether you are working on business-related projects, schoolwork or simply sharing personal documents, much of what you do can be done via smartphones and tablets these days.

mobile and tablet pdf converter on the go
Mobile pdf converter
Such is the case with PDF conversion as well. PDF (portable document file) is a file format that just about everyone uses for exchanging, saving and archiving documents. PDF preserves the formatting of documents, and it is independent on the operating system the user is running.

However, converting PDFs into other file formats is many times necessary – especially if you want to edit the content of the PDF.

Now-a-days you can convert your PDFs on mobile devices instead of using online converters via your Internet browser or software installed on your personal computer. And if mobile PDF conversion is what you need, you might be interested in three absolutely free mobile PDF conversion applications created by Investintech.com.

You may already be familiar with Investintech.com as one of the leaders in PDF conversion technology and the developer of Able2Extract 8 - the said to be first truly cross-platform PDF Converter, well-known for its very advanced PDF to Excel conversion options.

The company’s free mobile apps, Able2Extract, Able2Doc and Sonic PDF Creator, are just as universal, working on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Here’s a peak at what each of these three free mobile apps can do:

·     -Able2Extract PDF Converter converts PDF to Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Text documents, but can also convert these file types in PDFs as well.

·     -Able2Doc PDF to Word Converter converts PDF to Word files.

·   -Sonic PDF Creator Mobile can create PDFs out of most MS Office document types, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

All the three of these free mobile apps are incredibly easy to use and very user-friendly in design. The interface is very intuitive and will be easy to use even for people who have never used conversion software or online converters. Simply access your files from a cloud storage service or email and send them to one of the apps for conversion.

pdf convertor- appleiPhone, iPad, iPod touch, android
pdf converter for smart cellphones and tablets
Here’s how they work:

1. Locate the file you want to convert.

2. Long press on the file to receive an “Open file” dialog.

3. Choose to open the file with the app you wish to use.

There’s no need to worry about the conversions draining your mobile device’s battery because all of the conversions are performed online using Investintech’s servers. This guarantees quick conversions that are as accurate and reliable as users have come to expect from Investintech.com.

The converted files can be found within the app’s file list, where they can be stored, shared or deleted with just one click.

They say that the privacy and security is also guaranteed – all files are deleted from Investintech’s servers after a period of 24 hours and you don’t have to give any email information to perform the conversions like some online converters request from you.

All in all, anyone looking for mobile apps that guarantee quick and accurate PDF conversions on both iOS and Android platforms should definitely check out these free mobile PDF apps.


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