What is in NASA’s (Android) PhoneSat project?

How smartly NASA’s Project Phonesat is changing smart (Android) mobiles into nano satellites?!

"Can you hear me now?" would be the key phrase with NASA’s satellites orbiting around the planet Earth!

FYI: NASA has rocketed three Android based smart cell phones {Nexus One from HTC} (nick named: Alexander, Graham and Bell) into the deep black space to work over a project which could make the most of the powerful satellites something cheap,

How to turn a cell phone into a Space satellite? Ask NASA!

Reportedly NASA has confirmed that all the 3 cell phones viz.: Alexander, Graham and Bell, which are working as small sized satellites (nano-satellites, just of a coffee mug size) are working fine in the deep dark space and are transmitting the information to the Earth as it was intended,

Learn about NASA’s (Android) PhoneSat project?

What is in NASA’s (Android) PhoneSat project?
What is in NASA’s (Android) PhoneSat project? 
Phonesat.org thanks users:

Since the successful deployment of our three PhoneSats on Sunday, we have already received over 200 packets from Amateur Radio operators around the world! We are sincerely grateful for all of your support and would like to thank you for your key contributions in making this technology demonstration a success. The received packets are being processed right now and will be published soon. Please keep sending packets so we can follow the status of the satellites for the complete duration of the technology demonstration.

NASA says that these are the cheapest satellites sent ever into the space and costs approx $3500 to 7000 only. They are working fine and transmitting the data to mission control at Ames Research Centre in Moffett Field, California and also to amateur ground stations ...


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