Samsung Galaxy S4 - Bio-metric Mobile Tech. Tracks Head, Eye, Body Gestures in Real-Time to Communicate

Samsung Galaxy S4 is creating buzz even before its ‘official’ birth on March 14, 2013, it may be the one of the best Android smart phone from South Korea’s Samsung, but I would wait for it for a cool and innovative feature, it would (may) have a real-time eye scroll’ and ‘eye pause’, for which Samsung already had filed a patent/trademark (‘Samsung eye scroll’) much before for US / Europe,

Cell Phone Human Interface: What is eye pause, eye scroll?

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Eye scroll, eye pause would be interesting, to communicate with your mobile or smart tablets using your eyes is a first hand experience for many of us and how would it look when we would be ‘selecting’ or interacting’ our cell phones with eyes and not with our hands : )

NYT reveals:

Samsung in January filed for a trademark in Europe for the name “Eye Scroll” (No. 011510674). It filed for the “Samsung Eye Scroll” trademark in the United States in February, where it described the service as “Computer application software having a feature of sensing eye movements and scrolling displays of mobile devices, namely, mobile phones, smartphones and tablet computers according to eye movements; digital cameras; mobile telephones; smartphones; tablet computers.”

Eye scroll feature would help to surf  or scroll on mobiles and tablets with the help of eye gestures and something like would be with the anticipated eye pause feature, the details are awaited to the world-at-large, stay tuned with us for updates and subscribe our free email newsletter,

FYI: Samsung Galaxy S III has a feature known as Smart stay where in the smart cell phone recognizes when you are gazing at the mobile and when not, all of the game is played using front camera and eye gesture bio metric smart sensing technology,

Who is behind the eye movement gazing and sensing technology of Samsung Galaxy 4 ?

This is an interesting question for tech Pundits, they guess, it may be a company from Israel UMOOVE which specializes in bio metric sensing, tracking and controlling software for smart cell phones and tablets,

First it was guessed that it might be TOBII an another tech venture who alos specializes in eye movement tracking technology, but Newsgeek of Israel says, this could be UMOOVE from Israel, they say:

“According to information received Lniosegik, UMoove for months Israeli is negotiating with a number of the world's leading smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung, too. The source said the talks between the two have matured in recent months and led the company's technology integration..” 

Well, one thing is very clear that Israel has become a hub of innovative cutting edge technology now, either they have great net telephony start ups like Fring or they are providing the best technology to many world class tech ventures, they are proudly the ‘SILICON VALLEY’ the the world of technology!

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