How India’s innovative Missed Phone Calls Ecosphere Earns Lead; Money to Brands?

Zip Dial from India: the economy of missed phone calls, turn them into profit and business!

Mobile phone is an amazing gadget of our times, and when it clubs with internet it becomes a ‘magical’ instrument, which could never be think of 50 years back, telephony and its evolution has definitely disrupted the technology by each and every inch : )

Well, India, you know she is charming, incredible and no more remained the country only of snake charmers, tigers, elephants, Kings, Forts, Chess, Saints, poor, hungry, TajMahal, third world or dishonesty, these may be more or less everywhere like here, but India is a tech hub now, its Hyderabad and Bengaluru cities are fast developing into the IT hubs and Infosys (one of my dream venture) the famous name hails from India : )

How Indians devised and started to communicate via missed phone calls?

How India’s innovative Missed Phone Calls Ecosphere Earns Lead; Money to Brands?
How India’s innovative Missed Phone Calls Eco-sphere Earns Lead; Money to Brands?
It is said that ancient India devised the concept of numeral ‘0’ to the world of Maths, and now here is a company ZipDial which has an innovative solution for brands and people of India, earn leads, do surveys and much more by the way of giving a missed phone call that’s to a toll free number, amazing concept, the Indians, brands and such do marketing, earn leads thus money by this unknown communication technique,

If US can change the air into $ss stream than certainly these innovative Indians can change a missed phone call into a big stream of INR or real money,

Brief: How this works?

How India’s innovative Missed Phone Calls Ecosphere Earns Lead; Money to Brands?
How India’s innovative Missed Phone Calls Eco sphere Earns Lead; Money to Brands?
They say:

It’s TOLL-FREE, including for international diallers.  ZipDial is a new type of toll-free number that lets your leads responds to your Ads just by giving a missed call. On dialing ZipDial toll-free number, the call rings once and auto disconnects and then the caller receives a SMS with information on the campaign. The Platform offers you variety of services including:

1. ZipDial Toll-free Number
2. ZipDial Toll-free Number - Call Patch/ IVR
3. ZipDial to Verify
4. ZipDial for COD Verification
5. Feedback
6. Referral

ZipDial helps brands connect with customers through a missed call. The client has given a toll free number that consumers can dial into, but instead of having to wait endlessly to connect with a call center executive or punching multiple options the call rings once and disconnects and then the consumer receives an SMS with more information on the marketing campaign.

Simply this is a win-win solution for all, customers are happy to give a missed call for free, brands are happy to earn loyalty leads thus conversion and money and Zip Dial is happy, they are serving brands with innovation and in turn earning profits of selling their innovative services and toll free number etc.

This is India, which is incredible and amazing like always with an aura of mystery shrouded!


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