DU unblock Skype VoIP in UAE?

If you love to make free audio or video VoIP calling over Skype in/from UAE, where all and many foreign VoIP/video calling services are blocked (viz.: Skype, Viber, Tango, Apple's Facetime etc.), than you should try Skype now from UAE,

Emirates 247 reports now that perhaps, Skype is working on only DU servers (and still blocked on Etisalat's), as reported there by few users, when they logon into their Skype account and recharged it, they were surprised with a pleasure, it was working, but right now I could not make this confirmed, you have to try or ask someone doing this in UAE!

This is being circulated that after Skype update 4.6 version, things are better and perhaps DU has forgot to block it again : ) 

FYI: As many foreign workers live in Dubai / UAE, they always need to make a cheap or preferably free overseas call to their respective nations, thus VoIP has a great demand there too like anywhere, but in the name of security or may be big revenue losses, they reportedly say local telcos like DU / Etisalat are blocking internet telephony or VoIP from land of UAE and even are selling their own VoIP calling cards to make cheap foreign phone calls : )

Check and spread this news and share the link of this page on social networks, telecom forums, travel forums, fast to all concerned, before it go again : (

Did Etisalat and DU unblocked Skype VoIP in UAE?
DU unblocked Skype VoIP in UAE?


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