Z10 & Q10: First BBM 10 Blackberries with VoIP video call and Texting

Do you still use a Blackberry (business phone)? … may not be any more a ‘taboo’ or a joke phrase now, Blackberry smart phones are all ready to get ahead or at least at par with today’s popular smart cell phones viz.: Apple iPhone (iOS); Samsung Galaxy series (Google Android); Windows Phone and may be many more to the list,

The Canada based Research-in-Motion (now known as Blackberry) has upgraded its operating system to Blackberry 10 which unveils 2 very first handsets: Z10 (touch input screen phone, BB10) and Q10 (QWERTY).

FYI: BB10 is based on QNX technology, which is bit like UNIX,

Z10 & Q10: First BBM Blackberries with VoIP video call and Texting
Z10 & Q10: First BBM Blackberries with VoIP video call and Texting
Z10-BB10-Touch Screen has:

-4.2 inches screen,
-1280x768 screen resolution,
-WIFI, 3G, LTE, EDGE, NFC, GPS, A-GPS enabled,
-Bluetooth 4.0,
-2 cameras: 8MP AF cam - 1080p recording; 2MP front face cam - 720p recording,
-internal memory = 16 GB, expandable to 64GB using micro SD,
-To use on AV out, it has a micro HDMI port,
-Dual core 1.5GHz processor,
-136 grams in weight

The Blackberry 10 OS and its BBM app are having some nice software like video calling, free voice calling, online wireless video calling, screen sharing, Text messaging etc.

Like in many smart phones and OS, in BB10 too you can make a switch in-between the rear and front cameras, thus the person on the other end, always can see you, that you are a dog or a human : )

Also you can share the apps on your screen with a person on the video call, using screen share, this is fabulous, to make your video communication the real and meaningful, and yes, all these software and apps are free for you, so use them now,

VoIP apps

TruPhone VoIP app for Blackberry 10 is already out for BB10 and the popular VoIP and chat apps like Skype and Whatsapp too are soon coming to the Blackberry world, so you can taste the real thunder,

What is Time Shift Mode on Blackberry® Z10 camera?


What is Time Shift Mode on Blackberry® Z10 camera?
What is Time Shift Mode on Blackberry® Z10 camera?

Time shift is an interesting and innovative photo technology which has found a place on Blackberry Z10 for the first time, (you may recall Facetime, when it surfaced for the very first time on Apple iPhone),


Time shift mode allows you to shoot a photo from the ‘past’ or from the time frame which has already elapsed, they say, A picture is worth a thousand words if it's the right picture, so in the tune with this tagline, Time Shift on your Z10 Blackberry turns your clocks back, time stops there and you can capture or shoot a photo from the moments which have been elapsed, and after shooting a photo, you always can move ahead or backward with your mobile camera,

… also with Z10 camera you can isolate multiple faces in a group photo shoot, than you can use the STORY MAKER to streamline all of that moments into a single movie, in only a very few swipes, and share on social online networks, this happens only via Blackberry Z10 which runs over BlackBerry 10 OS.

Alert for UAE BB10 users to prevent VoIP block in Gulf and call for free and unlimited

What Blackberry 10 / Q10 / Z10 could never do:












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