Distributed Free Visual Cloud Telecom Platform: 2600hz Kazoo

Disruptive Communication & Telephony

For your businesses you of course need a perfect phone & communication system, do you heard of 2600hz Kazoo?

Well, 2600hz Kazoo simply is a distributed cloud telecom platform which has, they say, a drag & drop interface, 2600hz is like the phone meets the cloud computing,

Kazoo Beta is a free visual cloud business PBX with full API support to developers and businesses

Distributed Free Visual Cloud Telecom Platform: 2600hz Kazoo
Distributed Free Visual Cloud Telecom Platform: 2600hz Kazoo
Kazoo Beta is giving away five seats with all the PBX features, telephone tools and developers API etc. for free and is by only-invitation,

Even you can bring your current telephony system to Kazoo using PBX connector technology, they are disrupting the communication and technology with such an ease : )

2600hz Kazoo tries to dilute any barriers, if there, in-between users and their communication systems, by offering and deploying an easy to use platform for managing hosted PBX, and they say:

“… Users can access a simple HTML5, jQuery based GUI to make real-time edits to their phone system. Developers can access their powerful APIs to create applications that control voice calls and SMS or integrate with any of their existing systems or applications.

Wow what TechCrunch says is:

2600hz is part of a new movement to turn the data center into the new telco. That’s one way to put it. Another is to realize that our 100-year old phone system is decomposing.”

About 2600hz:

“2600hz is an open-source Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) engineering firm that provides integrated VoIP solutions optimized for cloud-based carriers and their clients. They build creative, innovative and reliable hardware and software solutions that fit the small through large business environment, enable the use of FreeSWITCH, Asterisk and YATE switching libraries, and take the guesswork out of complex IP-based voice networks. The powerful platform allows for full integration capability with Twitter, Facebook, SMS, video, just to name a few. Got a great idea for telecom integration? Make it possible on Kazoo.


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