Smart free app for Valentine's intimate and secure communication

Here is a wonderful VCNC of South Korea's private communication love app for smart cell phones and tablets over iOS and Android: Between

Between app is for couples, Valentine's day, newly weds, about to be wed or love birds and such, it just create a virtual 'intimate space' for two to get in dating conversation and be social with each other,

For Apple iOS: 

For Google Android

This app initiates an intimate and secure one-to-one chat with anyone you love or like, you can send SMS, text mails, snaps, voice messaging and such to your buddy, 

VentureBeat elaborates:

You can add pictures, events, and little status updates onto a timeline of your love. If you break up, the company keeps all of the data alive in its servers for one month (just in case you get back together) and then fully deletes, assuming you guys are really through.


6 seconds Twitter video App Vine, now set to change the online video communication

Non-verbal digital communication in real-time: Feel Me app 

Feel or send kisses to an actual guy, over USB-internet, in real-time

Smart free app for Valentine's private and secure communication
Smart free app for Valentine's private and secure communication

Watch history of St. Valentine's Day in animated video:


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