How to convert Power point slideshow presentation in an embed ready HTML code and put it on a webpage for free?

How to embed a board meeting’s Power point slideshow presentation on a blog / website for free?

You can embed your MS Power point slide show presentations for free on any blog or a website using HTML code, this is useful for your brand value to show it online or during an live online meeting, board meetings  with live chat etc.

Be  online during an live online meeting, board meetings  with live presentation and chat
Be  online during an live online meeting, board meetings  with live presentation and chat

.. we know Microsoft Power point is an essential mean of collaborative communication and conversation, so this would be good to know, that how to put your presentation to the online digital world!

Put your entire board meeting on the celluloid and get international exposure!

Slideshare gives this facility for free, just register on this site, you may use your Facebook ID to get registered and get start,

.. get ready you Power point slide show, upload it on your Slideshare account, it will give you a HTML code, grab it and embed it anywhere on any website, blog, blogger, Word press etc. and share your presentation with the world online,

You may also embed a presentation (on a web page), to be given in a corporate meeting this way, and may be share it with your international team during, before or after the meet.

Add YouTube videos or video URLs to your Power Point presentation

To make you meeting or presentation much more meaningful, useful and powerful, the Slideshare also provides you the ability to embed any video URL like from YouTube etc. to your presentation any time, any number of videos could be attached with your slides show : )

Example: see the Power point presentation here, this is Science project of my daughter Shradha (do aliens exist?) and another is of my son Kartik on (Robot, robotics and artificial intelligence)!

Go viral now!

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